The Viral Review Bot, a Bitter Disappointment

I’ve came across this site( a few days back which claimed you will learn how to make money using their Viral Review bot system for free. I was quite shocked and suspicious at the same time, “who on earth will want share his secrets on how to make online by just signing up for free”.

But then again after reading the positive reviews below the page, I thought it should be legit. When I signed up for them, soon I realised this is no different from other scam websites, which you will find out why in my review today.

Website: www.internetmoneyreport.comThe internet money report

Owner: Dan Weaver

Price: Free sign up + Many Upsells

Rating: 30/100


What is Viral Review Bot about?

Viral Review Bot is an auto-pilot money making system that’s claims to make you money with very minimal effort. When you sign up for Viral review Bot you will be getting an exact clone of their website(The Internet Money Report). In other word, everything has been literally done for you from designing of the website to writing the content of your website.

Dan Weaver claims that the Viral Review Bot is for anybody who wants to make money online regardless of your level of expertise because no technical experience is needed, all you need is to follow  instructions from their step by step video.

How exactly will you make money?Internet money report


Basically, the clone website you would be getting will contain about 15 review of other ClickBank Products(screen shot of some review) which will have you affiliate links attached to it.

So if anyone who comes to your website and reads any of these reviews and purchases the product, you will get a credited(commission) for it.

The only task for you to do is, promote your website, links to everyone which will be taught in the step by step video.


internet money report website

Just wanted to share..

As you can see from the above snap shot, “This Site is owned by kumar”.. yea so once you sign up to them you will get a website of your own but will be exactly the same as theirs.

Though you may think this method looks like a legit way to make money online, but it is actually not.

There are many flaws in this system that I will be highlighting it to you later


What you need to know?

Viral Review Bot has two different types of membership, one is the standard membership( free) while the other is the Premium membership ($37/month)

Standard Membership

  • Before you start, they ask you watch a video, after which to like and provide positive comments on the fan page
  • Steps on how to set up your website
  • Videos to teach you how to promote your website/link
  • Promotional material provided – sample emails and banners

Premium Membership

  • Provide you with the choice of adding google AdSense to your sidebar
  • Help you build an e-mail list + manage for you also such as sending out promotion and dealing with spams
  • Other users can sign up to you. If those who sign up for free on your site will be driving traffic to your banners, ads, e-mail list and viral bot sign up page
  • You will get recurring commission of $20 for each of the free member who upgrades to premium
  • Advanced video training to drive traffic faster
  • 10 Additional E-mail marketing lists(exclusive for premiums only)
  • You also will get access to view live statistics  – how many premium members signed up, google AdSense account and ClickBank account

As you compare, the above two you can see that their premium membership has lots of added benefits. Being a starter member will probably not benefit you as much. Their main reason is to encourage you to join their premium membership.

What I Liked…

#1: Unique approach

I do like the idea of how you can make money with this program. Though in paper this approach looks good but in actual this is a very bad idea which will never generate you money.

Other than that I have nothing positive about this program, honestly I am very disappointed because they claimed this as free to start  but, but behind the scenes there was so many money sucking opportunities that I encountered.

What I didn’t like…

#1: They were recommending/promoting “bad” products

Earlier I mentioned that you will earn commission when people read on the product reviews and makes a purchase. The products that Viral Review Bot are promoting are actually the “bad eggs in the basket”, in other words scam products.

Most of these products don’t work but have been branded with positive reviews to for the sole purpose to cheat people. (P.S I personally have given Bad reviews for these products)

Some of the products include Google Sniper 2.0, DotComSecretX, Income Hybrid and many more.

But you may wonder why do I have to bother, as long I can get commission for this products I will be satisfied.Think about this way, do you think Good highly reputed Companies will promote bad products?

The answer is simply No!, because they don’t want to damage their reputations.

What I am trying to say is… if Viral Review Bot is actually legit, they wont be promoting these “scam”products to people.

#2: Upsells

I must say these upsells really caught me off guard, their home page claimed you can make money for free. Once I signed up, they begin to bombard me with costly upsells.

Upsell 1- They tried to “mind wash” me with their attractive features to join their premium membership of $37/month. Once I rejected their offer, immediately gave me a one time offer of $4.99 for the first month.

Upsell 2- Get instant access to all the products they reviewed + 22 money making programs, they claimed everythingViral review bot costs over $900 and they are giving me at an offer of $57. Why on earth would I want to get my hands on products that don’t even work(scam)

Upsell 3- Get personal coaching by Dan Weaver himself and his team, they claim this offer is only applies to the first 50 customers who sign up.

In this coaching you will also be taught how to make Six figure income, you have to pay a membership price of $97 per month excluding your premium membership.

Think about it, you have to pay $134 per month for his personal support and premium membership that has no promise you will actually make money.

Check Out my No.1 Recommendation with personal coaching for no additional Cost

#3: Everyone get identical websites like theirs? Hmm…

If you are happy that you are given pre-made website then I am sorry to break your happiness because pre-made websites are actually bad, especially when they are exactly identical and even contains same contents.

According to Google, duplicate contents will have very low chance of being ranked. In fact, there is a very high possibility you wont even get indexed in Google.

Because not only you, but thousands of people who sign up for The viral review bot will get the same website. If you don’t get ranked, you will lose all your organic traffic.

So chances are nobody will every click to your website what they search through Google, leaving you the only way to get traffic by promoting your product mainly through social media.

#4: Scripted Facebook fan page & comments


When I first came across this site, what made me sign up to this was the positive response from other people regarding Internet money report scamtheir money making system on Facebook. However, once I entered the member’s site I soon realised that everything from the Facebook likes to the comments were all scripted.

In the membership page, they deliberately want you to like their Facebook page and write positive comments about their money making system(Image on the right)

Hence, you can see for yourself that all this positive comments saying, they are making money actually aren’t true at all.

#5: They claim you can make big bucks easily…


The viral review bot

I am certainly turned off when I see this kind of fake promises. Honestly, do you think its so easy to earn $5,000 a week? If it is really true, everybody will quit their day job and do this to earn money. Whenever I see this kind off fake claims, it clearly indicates that this is just another scam site.

#6: No proper trainings & tools

There is no proper trainings or tools inside their membership area that properly teaches you how to even promote this website. All their videos and trainings are crappy and outdated which will probably never in work.

So I ask you…

How are you even going to find people to actually read the reviews and purchase the products?

You cant be spamming links all over social media or YouTube and expect to generate a weekly income of $5,000. The answer is you probably wont make a single penny but you will be ending up losing your own hard earn money.

My Final thoughts…

The Viral Review Bot is no different than other scrappy products in the market that claims that you can get rich quickly. The actual fact is if you want to make a living online, you have to put in lots of effort. Don’t expect to earn big bucks without doing anything, when you see something that is too good to be true.. they are probably not true..


thumbs down

My No.1 Recommendation

There are many legit ways that you can make money online and one way is through Affiliate marketing. You promote other people’s product on your website and you earn commission from it. Check out my No.1 Recommendation Affiliate Marketing Training Centre, you will learn to build you own websites(in fact you will get two for free) and start promoting products the right way.

If you have any questions regarding the Viral Review Bot, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will be glad to give you a hand. Past users can also share your personal experience with us.

Yours Truly,

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