Welcome to My Wealthy Affiliate Review!

If you are looking to change your life for the better or simply want to earn more money to secure a financial freedom life, this is the time. Make use of this opportunity and start your very own online business. Like I always say, this is for anyone, even if you are a complete newbie or not a computer savvy person.

The review is kinda long because I wanted to explain in detail my personal experience and what WA is exactly all about, so sorry about that.

Do read it all the way till the end and get connected with me in the discussion section below asking me questions if you have any doubts if not I would love to see you inside WA! 🙂


How I got myself into the Online Business Thingy!!??

Alright allow me to introduce myself, My name is Kumar. I have been earning online since April 2015.


I believe you are interested to know what I was doing before I started working online. Well, it’s nothing that special… I was working in a day job related to what I studied(Environmental & Water Technology). Over the few years, I have already left countless of jobs because of TWO main reasons,

  1. I felt that I wasn’t treated fairly – I had to work extra hours out of my curriculum and some days bring home my work to complete. The worst part, is I am not compensated for all the extra time that I spend on work. The EWT industry is not easy, it’s about water testing, setting up plants to treat water/wastewater, noise monitoring and etc.
  2. The salary is simply just not enough.

There were times when I just feel lost, didn’t really know what am I going to do… I always wanted to start my own business, but I know I don’t have that much capital to start one. I tried searching on Google, “what kind of business can I start with a low/little budget” but the answers I got wasn’t something that pleased me. I kept searching till I found an article talking something about online business or something.

To be honest, at that time I had ZERO knowledge of what an online business was – I guess most of you would be having that same feeling right now. So what I did was just spent hours and hours on the internet try to search on “ways to make money online”, “how to get rich quickly online” and a couple more…

Most of the answers promised to make me rich instantly, but the funny thing was they didn’t really explain how exactly I am going to make money. Since I was a complete newbie that time, I blindly signed up and paid for the product. It’s only after that I realized I have been scammed(Don’t worry I not going to give you empty promises and not leave you hanging around… I will exactly explain to you how will you go about making money so do keep a look out for it)

Well, at the point of time I wasn’t just ready to throw in the towel yet… So, I kept doing more research and I eventually found a website that was truthful to me. They explained the money making process without me getting to pay them at all.

If you are wondering what site is it, it’s called Wealthy Affiliate! I really have to thank them for what they have done for me, without them I would not be where I am today. I always taught that you need to have a degree certificate to earn anywhere above $3,000 a month BUT I was wrong.


I was juggling between my day job and my website for a few months. As my site grew and I started seeing consistent income every month. I told myself… “that’s it, time to quit my job and focus on my online business entirely!”

Frankly speaking, I was the only one happy about that decision I took. People around me were disappointed and they started advice me stuffs like “you can’t make money online”, “don’t waste your future” and much more.

Obviously, I was disappointed to hear such remarks from people. But I really didn’t want to miss this opportunity(maybe I was just too stubborn..in a good way :)). Over the next few months my site started to see some tremendous results as I was spending all my energy working on my site.

Wealthy Affiliate didn’t give me empty promises by showing me screenshots of fake bank accounts or video of them leaving a luxurious life and so on. What they did was steer me towards the right direction, pour me with all the information through their step-by-step training courses and assisted me when I was lost.

So… there you go! This is my journey from becoming an absolute unhappy person to a person who is making money way beyond his imagination. The best part is I work full time in the comfort of my own home. I don’t have to wake up at 7 a.m. in the morning and get ready to leave for work. Working from home allows me to sleep through the early mornings and wake up at my preferred timing which is 10 a.m., take a cold shower, drink a cup of coffee and start working on my site.

Don’t worry, to start your own online business you don’t need a degree certificate, a truck of capital, or any sort of prior knowledge. As long as you got the passion and willingness to succeed online is good enough.


How do I make money online? “4 steps guide”

Personally, I call this the “4 step guide”, because it makes it much easier for anyone to understand.

Step 1: Choose Your Interest

Why choose your interest? I have people asking me this question from time to time but my answer is always the same… choosing something that you are passionate is already a sign that you have quite some knowledge of experience about it. Sharing what you know with people who don’t know is the key to building a successful online business.

Interests can be literally anything like body building, manicure, weight loss, soccer, basketball, pets and etc.

Hey, Kumar !what if I don’t have any real interest, can I still build a successful business?

Well, I am glad you asked. The answer is WHY NOT?

But before I answer that, it can’t be that you really don’t have any interests. Everybody has something they like to do for instance a hobby. Take some time to think deep and see what are the things you like. You can take a piece of paper and list down like the top 5 favorite interests. Then you see which one stands out of the rest and select it as your top priority.

Doesn’t mean you should neglect the rest. Once you have created a website and let’s say it is pulling in a decent income but you still not satisfied. Don’t worry, start on your new project(the next favorite from your top). This is how you create multiple streams of income, don’t worry you are not restricted to only create one website. You can create how many you want, but just because you can don’t mean you should. Ideally, if you are just starting out focusing only on one is the BEST choice. As you progress and get more comfortable with things you can think of the next.

Anyway, for those of you who really have ZERO interests…you still can make a business out of it. I believe everybody here wants to make money right. If yes, that means it’s considered an interest also! There are two courses in Wealthy Affiliate, one is lesson based on your own interest and the other is to promote Wealthy Affiliate. So, you can promote Wealthy Affiliate and still make a full time income out of it. I know that a number of people who are doing that too.

Step 2: Build Your Website

Having your own website is the foundation to building a successful online business – you can have it no other way. A few years ago to build a website you need to have knowledge about coding and programming, but thanks to the advancement in technology you can now build a website in less than 30 seconds. Within Wealthy Affiliate, you can build two websites for absolutely free.

There are several themes which you can choose to make your website look aesthetically pleasing. All these can be done with just a few mouse clicks.

Step 3: Attract people

Like I mentioned earlier, the idea of creating an online business is to “help solve a problem”. So to bring people to your site, you must publish content that people are looking for. For instance, my interest is about weight and I want to help people who have difficulty losing weight. So I can write content like, “7 steps to lose weight” step 1. stop stuffing yourself with food, step 2. exercise regularly and so on..

I can also write product reviews like treadmills or weight loss products then recommend them to my visitors who are struggling to lose weight. This would help to solve their problem, am I correct?

Step 4: Earn Revenue

All these steps are interlinked therefore in order to reach the final step(which is to make money) you have to follow through all the steps.

So let’s say a person bought the product you recommended, therefore you will earn a commission from the sale. From then onwards it just about rinsing and repeating. In other words, keep doing the same to scale your business. The more product reviews you write, the greater the chances of reaching other people and thus making a sale.

I hope you got the idea of how I make money online. I just scratched the surface of everything, there are more details that will be covered in the training itself.


The above is a small list of some of the top earning blogs. “The Huffington Post” is right at the top earning over $2 million a month. I didn’t show you this so that you should expect to earn that figures too. I just want you to know that the potential of making money online is always there, some of this people come from a background with zero knowledge about online business but are earning great incomes online.

That is why I say, it’s time for you to get a fair share of the pie yourself!

Right below is some ideas that you could make an online business from,



Let’s take a sneak peak inside Wealthy Affiliate

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that teaches you how to build an online business the right way. There are training videos, tutorials, classes, tasks assigned for you complete to improve your business and much more. This platform is built around a wonderful community, where everyone can openly communicate with each other through the live chat feature, creating blogs and etc.

The owners are constantly improving the training platform by adding new features every now and then to make the learning environment better for everyone.

*Before I go on, I would like to just mention one thing. Building an internet business is not something that is going to happen within a day or week. Please refrain yourself from having that mindset because I believe we are all matured enough to realize that success doesn’t happen overnight. It comes through hardship, effort and the amount of time you are willing to spend.
If you are not ready yet, come back when you are. But for those of you who are ever ready and willing to get your hands dirty, hope on this boat to success with me.


What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Unique?

Readily Accessible to the best training


There are over 500 training modules here at Wealthy Affiliate. You don’t have to worry about missing out any information because everything you need can be found by just typing the question in the search box. Most products offer e-books or a bunch of videos for a one-time payment, but the information that is found in those products are limited. In other words, you will need to do further research yourself to get more answers.

The training in Wealthy Affiliate is constantly updated to cater to the current trends. Every now and then search engine makes some slight changes to their algorithm(a mathematical formula to determine which website ranks first and such). There are many products online teaching their students outdated techniques which will never work and quite strangely this product are not cheap at all. The term for something that doesn’t deliver what it promises is known as a Scam.. in other words these products are a scam.

The key to getting lots of traffic is to get ranked on the first few pages of Google. When you get more traffic, the chances of you making sales increase! Well, you don’t have to worry about that because you will learn everything accordingly here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Still unsure? Try out the training for yourself! Seeing is believing


Instant support


When I mean instant support, I really mean it! There is only a handful of platforms out there that has this Live Chat feature… most of them are still using a forum as support which is definitely slow. The Live Chat here at Wealthy Affiliate is available 24/7 and 365 days a year. There is no public holiday or rest day… I was working on my site even during the Christmas and New Year period and the support I received was still top notch.

Whenever you have any doubts just head over to the live chat and drop your question there. You will definitely get a response from fellow experienced members very fast.

The are other ways than live chat to get answers too. There are 13 classrooms, where each classroom is related to a specific category… you can find answers there too.

Or you can also create your own question and ask the community. They will answer it through your blog as well.

As a beginner, you are definitely bound to make mistakes or get lost along the way. I know this by experience because I got lost a few times myself but with support from other members, I managed to pull through and create myself a successful online business.


No barrier between you and experts

In Wealthy Affiliate there are over hundreds of successful business entrepreneurs. You can communicate and learn from them without any issues. These guys are willing to share with everyone their knowledge and business tips!

  • You can send private messages to them
  • Read their blog posts/ training to learn
  • You can also see their websites and get an idea of what they are doing

Every day lots of people ask me questions too. I do take some time apart from working on my website to help answer their questions. Here in Wealthy Affiliate we have the “Pay it forward” motto.. in other words it’s like giving back to the community for the help they did for me in the past. If you are in doubt, you need no go any further. You can send me a private message and I will get back to you right away because I am connected at wealthy affiliate throughout the day.

Have you ever come across business owners helping you directly to improve your business? Honestly, I have never. Most of the time they will have a support team to answer the question. But here, you are able to directly send private messages to the Owners… the will get back to you within a day. Whenever I feel that I got more personal questions towards my business it’s better to ask the owners instead of other members because these guys have lots of years of internet marketing experience under their belt, therefore, their advice will make more sense going forward.


Still unsure whether you should join Wealthy Affiliate?

I also get this question often saying that they are unsure if Wealthy Affiliate is suitable for them… So I think might be necessary if I give a quick explanation here! Like I always say, Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform catered for everyone whether you are a newbie in internet marketing or even an expert but want to scale your business to the next level. You are all a potential candidate of WA!

In other words, Regardless of Country, Race, Religion, age or level of expertise are welcomed to join Wealthy Affiliate.Unsure-whether-To-join

  1. Are you tired of working under your boss/bosses?
  2. looking for a new career
  3. Unemployed, retrenched or even retired
  4. Interested in earn passive/residual income
  5. Students who aspire to become an entrepreneur
  6. or keen in making some extra income to cover your college fee
  7. Passion for blogging
  8. Those of wants to spend more time with family and friends
  9. Peaceful work environment



How Much Do I Have to Pay?

Starter memberGet your Free starter Account Here

The starter member is absolutely Free, you don’t have to enter your credit card details to try it at all. There are many scams online who ask you to pay upfront before getting access to their product, almost 99% of the time they turn out to be nothing but scams. Those people are just selling you a dream because in reality, their products don’t work at all.

Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not that kind of website. You don’t have to pay anything at all to try to the program. Just simply create a username by adding your name and email address and you will get full access to all the features and training. As a starter member, you will be able to build two websites for free – they are yours to keep!

You will get full access to the website for 7 days after then you will be given an option of whether you might want to upgrade to premium membership.

Premium Member

If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, then upgrading to premium is a no-brainer. The premium membership cost $49 per month and if you decided to upgrade within the first 7 days you will get a discount, therefore, you will only pay $19. Premium membership will give you full access to the live chat, additional training modules, keyword research tool, 25 free websites, unlimited hosting, 4 webinars live training every month and much more.

But of course, you have no obligations to become a premium member. You can still remain a start member and work your way up the charts.

Well think about this, spending $1.56 per day to build a successful online business is definitely worth the investment. Instead of spending $5 on a Starbucks coffee or eating MacDonald’s, why not use that money and put to better use… like building yourself a business?

I suggest you give some thought about it. Do you want to become financially free and make money while at home or work under a boss that always shouts at you everytime? I made that one decision that changed my life, not many people supported the decision I took. But where are these people now? Do they have anything to say after I become successful. No!

Don’t believe what other’s will say. There are always people to pull you down, but ultimately is your willpower and passion to succeed that will bring you to the top. If you need any help through the training I am always here to give you a hand… so don’t hesitate to ask me questions. There is no question considered a “stupid question”,  so don’t be afraid to ask. Asking is the one and only way to LEARN!

Exclusive Bonus Offer*

When you Register, I will commit to being your Personal Coach, to guide you every step of the way, answer any questions you have and  share with you personal tips of what I have learned and how I achieved this level.

Just leave a comment below stating, “I’m in Kumar” or send me a personal message to me once you get in and I will make myself available to help you on your journey. Together we Succeed.

You will also have access to my personal email address so you can contact me through here if I’m not available online.


The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

In a lifetime, only a few opportunities will come. A wise man’s decision would be to take these opportunities as a learning experience and improve himself. The internet is a great place to make money – if you know how/ It is also a great place to lose money( if you keep spending money on scams that claim to make you rich overnight)


More and more people are getting access to the internet which makes the potential for us to make money far greater. There are over 3 billion internet users currently, and millions of them are buying products online every single day. If you can make use of that opportunity and target just a small fraction of these people, you my friend will be able to earn far greater than what you get from a day job.

  • Every day there are new products released in the market, this immediately becomes an opportunity for you to leverage on.
  • A lot of business owners tend to neglect their site sooner or later, you can take this advantage and constantly add the latest products
  • The online market is never saturated, there are tons of evergreen opportunity for you

Like I said earlier, you are not going to make money in a day. Look at an online business like any other business but the only difference is you spend far less capital to start one. If you have this mindset, you will automatically be one step closer to becoming a winner.

Imagine looking back at this 6 months or even 12 months from now, I know it’s a long process but the benefits are undeniable. You will thank yourself for taking that wise decision, I won’t be surprised you will even share it with your family and friends. Alright, that’s all I have for you. See you at the top my friend 🙂


>>>Create Your $0 Starter Account Right Now!<<<


Wealthy Affiliate Earning Potential

One of the most frequent questions I get all the time from new WA members and people who are yet to join: “What is the earning potential with Wealthy Affiliate? Can I become successful? How much money can I really make within a year”. There is no specific answer to these questions. Some people who just started about makes few bucks per month; some go on to make $100,000+ per month.

Even though there is no precise answer to this question, I can tell you this: The amount of money you can ultimately earn is totally up to you – What you do and how you are going to do it. The individuals who are highly successful have ONE thing in common  – All of them followed the training and took substantial action. Learning how to do is awesome but in order to start actually earning, you have to apply what you learned.

Don’t try to quote me, but if you sincerely and diligently go through WA training and build a business the exact way they teach you, I really don’t see why you can make at least $20,000++ in your year. I have seen a lot of newbie internet marketers come and go, the common mistake they are doing time after time is no take actions seriously and get distracted by shiny objects that promise them millions overnight.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in and helps you with everything. They have already carved out a realistic plan for you right from day 1. Just follow the courses and complete the tasks assigned to you. And most importantly, STAY FOCUS and you will definitely become successful.

I have come to the end of my Wealthy Affiliate Review. My apologies it was a bit too long, I really tried my best to shorten as much as I can. If you have any question, please feel free to drop me a comment right below or you can even send me a straight private message at Wealthy Affiliate. I am looking forward to working with you and helping you build a successful online business.

Need some motivation? Check out what some of our members are earning!








Still not satisfied? Check out some of my earnings:


One of My Affiliate Program’s Earning


Click-Bank Sales

Jan-Feb 2016 ClickBank Sales



Advertisements Revenue


Money Received to my PayPal account


Earnings from one of my top money niche sites


Earning from a Recent Amazon Niche Website I just started


No Passion? NVM… Start a Business Promoting Wealthy Affiliate

Over the months, I have been receiving a ton of emails from my viewers asking me, “How do I start an online business if I don’t have any passion yet”. Well, I know some of you reading this right now might be feeling the same… so I have included this section here especially for you guy.

Of course, starting a niche based on your passion would be an ideal choice going forward. But, if you don’t have one at the moment, it doesn’t mean you still can’t generate good income online. You can always choose to start with the Affiliate BootCamp which will teach you step-by-step to make money through promoting WA.


How much money can you make through the WA BootCamp?



The image above is the WA BootCamp calculator used to estimate how much money you can make per month promoting Wealthy Affiliate. As you can see in scenario 2, if you can bring in 50 referrals per day at 12% upgrade rate, you can easily bank in over $22k per month. Is it possible? Definitely! If you spend more time on it.

The column on the left is my personal current stats. On average I bring in 10 referrals per day at 10% upgrade rate which makes me about $2.4k per month. The best part is I don’t spend much time doing this at all. At most, I spend 2-3 hours of research and writing and I get paid.

You can always choose to do this full-time or even part-time. Meaning, you keep your day job, and do this during your free time. It’s always great to find multiple avenues of income, right?

I hope this section here has shed some light into those who doesn’t have a passion for starting your own niche business.

You can always start with the WA BootCamp first and branch out with other projects later on.

Glance of My This Month Earnings(December 2016)


As you can see, the month is still young. We are only on the 5th of December and I already have over $1500 in commissions. This income will definitely continue to increase over the next couple of weeks and I reckon that I will hit at least between $3,000 t0 $4,000 for this month and this is only for one of my websites.

You can scale to how many websites you are going to run and how much money you can earn. All these will depend on you. But if you are just starting out, it’s always good to just focus on one website. Once you are comfortable with the first(and it’s earning some money), you can slowly start to work on your newer site but always remember that you shouldn’t neglect your first too.

Wealthy Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

From time to time, I do get lots of questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate too. Here I’ve picked the most frequent ones and answered them. If you still have any questions after this, don’t worry. Simply head below to the comment section and shoot me your questions. I will be more than happy to help you out.

Q:I’m not very tech savvy, I’ve never built a website. Is it still possible to use Wealthy Affiliate?

A: Yes, you definitely can. Wealthy Affiliate is catered for everyone from an absolute beginner to advanced marketers. Every single step on building your online business is explained in details(texts, video tutorials, webinars) and layman terms, easy for everyone to understand.

Q: Is it a must to promote Wealthy Affiliate to make money?

A: No, you don’t have to. Wealthy Affiliate does have an amazing Affiliate program where you would be able to generate substantial income, but you are not obligated to promote it to make money. You will learn how to build a business based on your very own passions and interest. Unlike MLM’s or other business opportunities, here at WA, you will never be forced to try and sell to your family and friends.

Q: I don’t own a product to sell. How can Wealthy Affiliate still help me?

A: Wealthy Affiliate is a community-based training platform that teaches you how to build an online business from scratch. Along the way, you certainly can learn to create and sell your own products. However, if you are totally a beginner you should start by earning money through simply promoting other’s products which will be the main focus here at WA. There are over hundreds of thousands of companies that you can work with. A few famous ones are Amazon, EBay, Walmart.

Q: If I build my website with Wealthy Affiliate, and decide to leave. Will I lose my website?

A: No, the website is owned by you. So you can keep it for as long as you want, no one has control over it but yourself. There are lots of online programs that don’t allow you to take your website with you when you decide to leave, simply because they want you to stay and pay the fees. BUT WA doesn’t work that way, you can bring your website with you whenever you want. Let’s say if you decide to cancel your membership, you can find other hosting programs and host your website there. You will have 30 days grace period to transfer you site over to the new host.

Q: Can I join Wealthy Affiliate from any country?

A: Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership is available to everyone worldwide. But the FREE starter membership is banned from a few countries due to frequent hacking and cheating. There a 7 countries that are not eligible for the free membership at the moment, (India, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Egypt).

Q: What if My English is not good? Can I still start an online business?

A: As long as you have basic skills like reading, typing, an internet connection and a computer, you can start building an online business. English doesn’t have to be your native/first language in order to start an online business. English isn’t my first language too but hey, I am making full-time income from it. Don’t worry, as you go with the training and practice more, you English will naturally improve. There are lots of free tools you can use to check your spelling and grammar too.

I’ll see you inside Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

Alright, I just finished writing this review finish. This is definitely by far the longest review I have written on my website. I do hope that after reading this review you have a better understanding of how it works and built an interest in starting your very own online business. Once you join Wealthy Affiliate, take some time to explore the platform and don’t forget to pop by the live chat and say “Hi” to everyone. I’m sure they will welcome you with open hands.

I will also come to your profile page and personally welcome you! That’s all for me… If you still have questions please use to comment section and ask them!



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Hey, I'm Kumar and thanks for dropping by. About a year ago, I was struggling hard to cope with my 9-5 job but now I have quit and started working fulltime from home as an online marketer. The purpose of my website is to help you do the same too. My goal is always to be my own boss and work for myself and I have definitely achieved that. If you want to follow my footstep and start earning money from your own home then you should check out My #1 Recommended Program .


  1. Hi Kumar

    I come across your message regarding the Wealthy Affiliate and how to make money online , can u please explain into detail how it works?
    I will appreciate
    many thanks

    • Hi abdi the process is very simple,4 steps.
      1. You find a topic to start your website. In online terms its called a niche. You are recommended to choose something that you are passionate about. Any interest or hobby
      2. You create a website. This is a very quick procedure that can be done within minutes.
      3. You start writing and publishing content, like maybe a nike shoe. You can write a review on that particular shoe, at the same time you include your affiliate link.
      People are constantly looking for advices and reviews for all kind of products. If that interests them thry mighy click the shoe and buy.
      4. You get profits. This is just one product you are promoting. There are tons of others you can promote too
      But first decide what really interests you.
      There are other methods of making money from a website than just affiliate marketing. Some common ways Are google adsense and selling adspace. All these can generate you consistent passive income overtime.
      How to do all this? Wealthy affiliate will teach you right from the basics. So you dont have to worry
      Hope this helps:)

      • Hey kumar, firstly thanks for such a good unbiased review about Ads2prosper! I want to make money online and I am sure that you will guide me in the same!!
        I have created my account on wealthyaffiliate.com but it shows that YOU HAVE NO DIRECT ACCESS TO THE SITE and it prompts me again and again to upgrade to premium membership. Pls help me to solve this problem out.

        • Hi Akshay, a few countries are not eligible for the free membership. So you will have to join as a premium member to have access to WA. Hope it helps 🙂

  2. hi Kumar, could u explain us. how the process dealing with you and vendor when people buy their products via your website? i mean, how vendors know the sell is coming from your website?
    thank you.

    • Hello tanti, sure I will explain it to you right away.. Basically, vendors have tracking codes that enable to determine where the sales is coming from. That is why you are given a unique affiliate ID. This ID is different from everyone else, to distinguish yourself from others. Most vendors provide with a cookie, meaning that even if the customer comes backs hours later or days(depending on the length of the cookie) you will still be credited for the sale.
      Get back to me here, if you still have further doubts. I will be more than happy to help you out 🙂


  3. Hello Kumar,

    Great review of wealthy affiliate you clearly mentioned everything about it, I am already a member in WA & I really enjoying the training & the process of building my business, do you have any clear information about click bank affiliate program? I see that you made good money from it & I wanna give it a try, thanks for this helpful review.

    • Hi Ehab, thank you for your comment. Glad to hear that you are already a member of WA and enjoying this process. Most of what I learned(including making money from ClickBank) is all from the training in Wealthy Affiliate. I didn’t do anything different, I just followed what I was thought. Currently I have not written any blog on exactly how I made money with ClickBank but if I have the time, I will definitely try to create a more detailed post on it to share with all of you. But in the mean time, just follow the training and I’m sure you will be on your way to success.
      Good luck with your business and do keep it touch 🙂


  4. From all the WA reviews I’ve read before, this one really stood out for me. I think you really convinced me.

    I gotta say, there are HUNDREDS of WA reviews out there and at first it looked like too good to be true. But I guess you just have to risk it and take action.

    If you don’t risk, you don’t win. Can’t just sit on your couch and dream of millions.

    • Hi Julius, thank you for your kind words. I’m just trying to share with people the MOST legit way to generate income online. I was skeptical about this program just 1 year ago. However, since it was absolutely free to try without having to provide any credit card details, I made full use of this opportunity by signing up and trying their program. Honestly I was amazed by what WA had to offer and till today I have never looked back once. Thank God I found WA, if not I would probably still be dragging my feet to work every morning.
      I have to agree with you. At times you do have to take risk BUT take risk that are low. You don’t want to be taking too much risks and start regretting. For instance, let’s say if a website asks you for $1000 upfront to teach you how to make a million. Things like this are too risky and sounds too good to be true. So I believe common sense has to come into place when we are looking for opportunities. The difference from a successful person and a not so successful person is all successful person took action and not just sit around and wait for money to appear. Internet is a great platform to generate income online, especially if we know how to fully utilize it.
      Once again thank you for sharing with us your personal thoughts. Have a great day 🙂


  5. Hi Kumar,
    Great review – I was thinking with your history of working so hard it’s no wonder you were able to go so far with the programs and you can see from how you wrote this article, how thorough and smart you are. You must be so happy to now be free of those hard jobs that don’t treat you well. It’s great that you provided so much information about how to break out of it. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Maria, Thank you so much for your kind words. Really appreciate it!! 🙂
      Yes, it’s definitely good to be free of those 9-5 jobs and have the freedom to work whenever and wherever I want. Honestly, I didn’t even have the slightest of imaginations that I will have a dream job like this just 12 months ago. But hey, Here I am! So anything is possible if you keep you mind and soul together.
      Of course I am not going to stop here. I’m going to try and achieve as much as possible. Things are just going to get better, I hope to share with you and everyone else more success stories in the future. So do keep a look out for my website 🙂


    • Hello Obsequious, this program definitely can work “magic” in every part of the world as long as you have a computer, internet connection, passion(any hobby or interests), and finally determination to succeed. This is all it takes to successfully start and run an online business. You mentioned Nigeria, Nigeria is not eligible for the FREE membership because of the corruptions happening. In the past it was available for the free membership but currently it’s not. However, you still will be eligible for the discount, thus paying $19 only.
      If you are really determined to succeed, work from home or supplement extra income for yourself, then GO FOR IT!

      Please feel free to ask me any further questions if you have so.

      • Thanks for the response, you mentioned having an interest and a website. But my interest is having a motivational and inspiration site. Sure of myself in that but seem the ideas you listed are product oriented. Kindly expanciate, thanks for your time.

        • Hello. Thanks for writing back. Inspirtational and motivational website is do-able but personally i won’t recommend it because there is not much content you can come out for it and yes there isnt much products/services you can promote. (But if you want you can always check it out to see whether there is any suitable affiliate program out there. Simply do a google search on ‘motivational or inspirational + affiliate program’.
          However, affiliate marketing isn’t the only way to monetize your website. Google adsense is another way, basically someone who clicks on any of the ads displayed you will earn some income for the clicks.
          Maybe you want to dig deeper and see what other things are passionate to you.
          If you want to talk to me in private, you can contact me at everyonecanmakemoneyonline@outlook.com
          I will be more than happy to help you out!

  6. Loves your elaboration towards Wealthy Affiliate, It really shows how internet can help us with an extra earning. I’m just in the process of setting up my own websites. Really hope that i can succeed in this line as well. As I’m really looking forward to change my lifestyle… 🙂

    • Hi Chris, thank you for your nice words. You’re definitely right, internet really can be a “game changer” if you got yourself into some legit opportunities. I see that you are new to Wealthy Affiliate yourself. It’s good to see that you have taken this direction going forward, where most people fail to do so. The very first step to succeed is to always come out of your comfort zone. If you are going to remain inside that small circle or box, whatever you call it, it’s going to be difficult for you to achieve your goals in life. Success is all about taking actions. If you are not going to work for it, you won’t get it.

      I’m sure your lifestyle can change too. Just keep working and most importantly NEVER get distracted by “Shiny Objects” that promises you to get rich quickly. If it’s too good to be true, than it probably is.

      Have a great day. And thank you for stopping by and sharing your personal thoughts 🙂

  7. You have nicely explained. Since I am from India and not eligible for a free account, please let me know how to proceed further in the matter on my mail

  8. Hi dear, I am from pakistan and not eligible for a free account, please let me know on my email how to proceed further in the matter.

  9. Hi….I am a new comer trying to create an account but the system keeps telling me that I already have an account and I should log in using that one. As far as I remember, I never created an account with Wealthy Affiliate. What could be the cause of this problem and what must I do to proceed and create an account?

    • Are you sharing your ip address with anyone? Because if someone already created an account with the same ip address you might not be able to…i think. Try again and let me know. If you cant.. i will contact the owner and ask!

  10. Thank you for your response Kumar. My computer used to belong to someone else. So perhaps that person had an account. I have tried again to create an account and it’s not working. It just keeps on saying ‘you already have an account’. Please go ahead and contact the owner for me.

  11. Wow there seems like there’s so much to learn…but this community seems to have it’s finger on the pulse when it come to teaching. I like the idea but the workload seems pretty intense overall – how long did it take you to get your head around the initial lessons? Are you still learning there?

  12. Hello, I have been reading up on your information and reviews, and I am really interested in starting with this business online but it will not let me do my log in set up, it keeps saying I already have an account but when I try to send a password to the email, it says its not registered?…maybe too good to be true =(

      • Hi Kumar,my name is Giriraj and i live in india.as u said about wealthy affliate,i started to sign up but when i finished it it says that starter accounts not available in india.It asking me to pay 359 per year but i dont have enough money to invest.I’m not working.So what to do??.Reply to my mail.Thank you

  13. Kumar,

    This is a wonderfully detailed and inclusive review on Wealthy Affiliate. I appreciate all of the information, screenshots, testimonies and examples that you provide along with the amazing graphics and stats.

    If I weren’t already with WA I woud join now and I highly recommend to anyone reading this review to join Kumar and the rest of the WA community through Kumar’s review here and start earning an income online with us.

    Thank you Kumar for sharing your review full of wonderful information with us all from around the World!


  14. Hi Kamur,

    I want to join WA, but when i try to create an account it says that i already have an account even that was may first time with that website.

    Please advise, Thanks!

  15. Hi Kumar,

    I already logged in, but it says that,”free starter accounts are not available in your country” and asking me for premium membership. I dont have the money to pay for that premium.
    How can i start without getting billed?

  16. hello kumar,

    I must you are a wonderful guy, I read through the review and I wish to start right away, I have got no money for premium at all, can I continue with starter for more than 7 days? and I wish to promote health products , am in Nigeria, hope I can start with the starter

    • Hello Agwu, thank you for you kind words.

      I would love to help you, unfortunately, Nigeria isn’t eligible for the starter membership. Very sorry !

  17. Hello Kumar. Thank for your comments. I live in Togo in Africa but I do vome to US every year. Can i start rigth away because i am in US now

  18. Thanks for your reply, kumar…I checked it out immediately. So i looked for an alternative and i found affiloroma…..Do you know about them and are they as good as wealth affiliate..They are accepting nigerians and i guess also indians and filipinos.


    • Affilorama is a cut-throat program. I know about very long ago, and I wouldn’t recommend it to you. You are going to end up spending thousands and thousands of dollars on it whereas Wealthy Affiliate is way more cheaper and gives you better results in everyway.

      Just want to ask you, are you willing to invest money to build your business? or you are thinking about leveraging only on the free services?

  19. thanks for your reply, Kumar…you are already teaching me..I’m grateful, however, I dont have the money for the premium on WA, hence, my preference for d free package to start with until I’m able to join the premium…can you please, recommend any alternatives to WA to me?
    thanks and remain blessed.


    • No problem man, I am glad to help you in any way I can. If you can’t afford the premium currently, I would recommend that you start saving money first. You can save a couple hundreds and go yearly, it’s saves you a good amount of money.

      For the time being you could try ptc sites but they literally pay pennies, I don’t waste my time. On those either. Maybe you just want to take a breather and save up some money and get serious in this business when you are ready to commit yourself.

      Good luck and enjoy yourself mate 🙂

  20. Hi Kumar I’m from Nigeria how much do i pay for membership.
    And do you mean by referrals? Is it getting people to sign up as WA members

    • Hello Tremaine!

      You can pay for your membership using credit card.

      Well, there is two ways to start a business through WA. One is start something you are passionate about and get paid through other affiliate programs out there. There are over millions…
      Two, WA has a affiliate program that pays you money for referring members too.

      If you lack of idea on a specific niche, you could start out with the WA promotion course and slowly branch your way out to other avenues!

  21. hello bro kumar,
    thanks a lot for your reply, its really disappointing that WA has put us in their blacklist.. Anyway, I want to clickbank and amazon for affiliate program to see if I could raise the money

    • Nigeria wasn’t blacklisted in the past. There has been lots of fraudulent activities going on which is the reason why they made it such a way. Actually, WA is all about teaching you to make money through affiliate programs like ClickBank and Amazon Affiliates. Majority of my income is coming from Amazon.com. You might want to try it without any guidance, good luck on that!

  22. Hi, I have tried affiliate marketing before and it didn’t really work for me, Although I got some money out of it, I tried it without website but it’s difficult to promote that way, you can not promote on forums cause most forums don’t alow links and see this sort of thing as spam.
    My question is, is all of this in your program? How to promote your website the best way? How to get people to see your website? cause these are the hardest things to do of course. How to attract the right people for your products to your website 🙂
    Myself i am interested in a healthy lifestyle, lose weight in a healthy way by working out and eating right and i’m also verry interested in beauty and fashion, Is there a market for that you think? Thanks in advance.
    Greetz Petra

    • Hi petra, wealthy affiliate is the one and only stop where you will learn everything. Yes,WA teaches you how to drive organic traffic which means free traffic through targeting the right keywords. There are other traffic avenues which also will be covered inside.

      There is definitely a market for your niche. There are lots of people struggling on that aspect, so it’s profitable.

      I would recommend you get started with the free membership and have a look for yourself. I am sure you will be surprised!

  23. Hello Kumar,
    Since I am from India I won’t be able to have a free WA account.I have registered to WA whatsoever.I am just a student and I don’t know if I can give away the fee for a premium membership.Eventhough I really wanna join WA.What I wanna know is that I don’t see an option to claim the 30$ discount for the first month.Could you help me out?

    • It seems like the discount has been removed for the 7 countries who are not able to sign up for the free membership. I would love to help you out here, but my hands are tied. Maybe you might want to try saving up for a couple of months first and that commit yourself once you feel that you have the finances.

      Good luck to you!

  24. After taking my time reading your testimonies, all I could get in return is my country is not supported…..
    So sad!

  25. Hi Kumar,
    Great post with every detail. I was really searching for this type of post since long. Thank God at last I got it . The fact is I am having two accounts with WA with two different email Ids since a year or so . I could not proceed because of the fact that ,I am notified, for Indians Free Starter Package is not available. If I have to continue I have to be a Premium member right from the beginning , which I cannot afford right now. But yes, I have a plan to upgrade later. I understand that free members are allowed two free websites and premium members with 25. My question is as an Indian can I be registered afresh as a Free Starter Member ? I need this training. I have projects in mind. Thanks and congrats for having achieved your Goal.

    • Hi Hari Charan,
      Sorry to say but India is one of the those blacklisted countries. You will not be able to join as a starter member. You will have to go premium right from the start. If you have financial issues, you should consider going yearly because it saves you a lot of money. Personally what I would recommend you at the moment is safe up some money. When you have the finances you can then commit on this long term.

      Good luck!

    • Hi Macdonald, you either join as a monthly member or a yearly. If you are thinking about committing yourself long term and want to cut cost, I would recommend going yearly. It costs $359 for a year.

  26. I really all what i av read even to start urgently but its unfortunate for not receiving nigeria . Ah , it pains

  27. Hi Kumar,

    Your review on WA is a hit back to back and I truly commend your honesty.

    It is not easy to come by persons like you online that pours out their heart to assist others in the manner that you are doing.

    I look forward to joining you on WA.

    Thank you for your outwardness and ever willingness to assist.

    • Thank you so much Edwin! I’m truly humbled by your words.

      I’m just trying to help everyone be successful in making money online, just like myself.

  28. hi kumar..I am from zimbabwe and I would love to promotte WA and not neccessarily starting my own thing.just need to earn some money.how do I do that?thank you

    • Sign up with WA and then go through the bootcamp course. It will teach you how to start promoting wealthy affiliate!

      Hope it help 🙂

  29. Hey Kumar,

    I am running an NGO and recently we are starting a campaign where we would be interested in providing a legitimate home based opportunity to over 1000+ people. Can you suggest me how we can do that. Ven if the users earn about Rs.1000-2000 pm that would be ok.

    A. Mukherjee

    • Hi Aditi, I’m not too sure what you are expecting from me! Do you mind explaining further?

      This particular opportunity is called Affiliate Marketing. It’s more of a business opportunity than a typical work-from-home opportunity. This requires you to put in effort and then you get paid by companies. You are working for yourself as an Affiliate Marketer!

    • What you don’t understand Joseph? Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that teaches you step-by-step and help you start your own online business through Affiliate Marketing. You can also choose to promote WA and earn commissions.

  30. I’m Debby I tried signing up for WA bt after the first step I don’t know how to complete the second step dat comprises creating a website getting customers etc please help I really want to join

  31. kumar, i really love this article , i want to be part of this because have been looking for a way to make money online . i like this your approach but the painful part is that i’m from Nigeria and this is not eligible to Nigerian.

    how can i still participate ?

    i will appreciate your responds

    • Anyone can benefit from WA. Unfortunately, you guys are not eligible for the starter membership. Thus if you want to join, you will have to become a premium member.

  32. hi Kumar… I’m so inspired by your post. I’ve almost given up on online business. I don’t really understand how it works. I’m happy I’ve found an online business success. can i use WA in Nigeria too?

    • Hello Oseni Samuel,

      Yes. You can use WA from any part of the world. Unfortunately, you are not entitled for the starter membership. So if you want to join WA, you will have to become a premium member.

    • You can get started for Free. But if you are serious about building out a long term online business I would recommend that you take up the premium membership. There is a wide spectrum of training, tools and support offered there.

  33. I am a Nigerian and after going though your review, I decided to register as a premium member since you said Nigerians can only register through premium membership. But to my surprise, my registration was declined with the error message WE’RE SORRY BUT WE ARE NOT ABLE TO CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT AT THIS TIME BECAUSE YOUR COUNTRY IS NOT SUPPORTED.

    Kindly assist as I am really interested in joining this and taking my destiny into my own hands.

  34. hello
    My name is Romain
    I am very intrested in joining the program.
    but i seems to be having problems signing up.
    i will put in my full name
    email and uses name
    then i hi create your free account . the it will say sorry you are already a member. try 2 different email& password. can you please help me Kumar. sorry Hello to everyone.

    • Hi Romain, do you still have that issue?
      What you could try is clear your cache and come back to this website and try signing up again. If you still have issues after that, do let me know!

  35. Hi kumar,
    I must tell you that you have revive once again my interest in online marketing. I have tried in the past but haven’t realy take off. But the sad news now is I am presently residing in Nigeria. My home country is not blacklisted on WA.
    Can i still benefit from the free WA?

    • There are lots of fraudulent activities going on. So the owners have decided to keep it accessible only for those who are serious. By serious is means paying money and joining premium

  36. Good day,
    Am Dafee from Port Harcourt Nigeria. I am interested in the becoming an online entrepreneur by starting my personal blog and a website, I really love the idea you gave about Wealthy Affiliate but should I be unable to upgrade to premium membership after 7 days does that mean my website will be deactivated? Also my line of interest is sketchy of which I prefer to start with a blog. Kindly advise. Thank you

    • Hello there Dafee,

      If you are able to join through the starter membership, you will have nothing to worry about. After the first 7 days, you will still have your website and still will be able to make money. However, you will have limited access to training and tools. Hope it helps 🙂

  37. Hello, am Tayo from Nigeria.i have read your article. its very useful, thanks a lot.. would definitely put my effort to this in making a dream come through.. please i wanted to confirm if a computer(Laptop) is very essential..because am a student, i don’t have any

    • Yes Tayo, you don’t need a laptop or a desktop to run this business. You can’t simply work on your phone. Maybe you might want to come back and give this a try once you are a bit older and earning some money. Good luck 🙂

  38. Hi Kumar,
    I have vehemently read through and enjoyed your article, i love it for your sincerity. Am a Nigerian, but it’s quite unfortunate that my country can’t go for the Starter Membership in WA. I have the passion to be an Enterpreneur online and hope to join you on WA one day, based on the fact that i am not financially up to date to sign up for the Premiun Membership now.
    as a result, i heard you recommending PTC to someone back; so my question is ”Which of the PTC sites is most legit and most recommeded, based on the point that there are so many?”. Please, my fear is that i really dont want to fall into the hands of scammers anylonger (I have tried TheTasksPay.com and others), but all my efforts proved abortive. Please, throw more light on it and advice. You may do that through my email or here either. Thanks.

  39. Hi Kumar,
    I have vehemently read through and enjoyed your article, i love it for your sincerity. Am a Nigerian, but it’s quite unfortunate that my country can’t go for the Starter Membership in WA. I have the passion to be an Enterpreneur online and hope to join you on WA one day, based on the fact that i am not financially up to date to sign up for the Premiun Membership now.
    as a result, i heard you recommending PTC to someone back; so my question is ”Which of the PTC sites is most legit and most recommeded, based on the point that there are so many?”. Please, my fear is that i really dont want to fall into the hands of scammers anylonger (I have tried TheTasksPay.com and others), but all my efforts proved abortive. Please, throw more light on it and advice. You may do that through my email or here either. Thanks.

    • The most legit PTC site is Clixsense. You can check it out. However, I’m sure you will eventually be disappointed by it because it doesn’t make you much money. I used them back then and never really made anything. I have totally avoid such sites because they are only time wasters.

  40. hey Kumar! i have really been touched by this experiencw of yours! and i really wish to follow the step to the successful online business. actually I am a student in a developing country called Rwanda and i study Business related courses , but i have a passion to become ana entrepreneur! so i wonder if i could communucate with you deeply in private or through Email! my email is Sethipmortants@gmail.com
    thanks kumar.

  41. Mr. Kumar,
    Good day to you SIR! My deepest appreciation and respect goes out to you today and always for having divulge in FULL, the concept, design and on-going dynamics of the WA program. Indeed myself, amongst many people of the world have tried finding a way to secure earning income via the internet, yet my discovery has been fleeting since there have been countless scams or money grubbing potentials readily available. And now finally, having not given up on the idea of finding success, you have given me newfound interest in accomplishing this goal via the ideals discussed in your, “everyone can make money online” page. HOW WONDERFUL you are, I emphasize, to give so much of your time and effort to enlightening us in these times where darkness prevails on the subject of financial success. I applaud you for being a grand humanitarian in that regard. I know its redundant but I cannot say it enough: your decision to unveil the WA program, your experience, other affiliate reviews and outline the email exchanges of many of your commenters is so honorable on a magnanimous scale. It leaves little room for uncertainty and yet you are there to answer any and all questions, it appears, where ambivalence remains. THANK YOU for being a useful and purposeful human being my brother. I look forward to sharing my story and building a business, possibly a personal relationship with you and the rest of the WA members.

    Continued Success and Grace,

    D. Walker

    • Hello D. Walker!

      Thank you for all your kind words. I am truly humbled by your comments. I was once like most people finding ways to make money online, but most of them I tried weren’t effective or were just simply plain scams. Thankfully, I accidentally stumbled across WA when searching for new opportunities which open up my future for great possibilities. Because of my success, I want to share this with everyone who are in the same path as me.

      Good luck 🙂

    • Hi Seth, I’m good.

      I’m not too sure what are those. From my understanding I think those Content management system(e.g wordpress) is called onsite and those free web are those websites you can start for free? But what you need to understand that those free web will not be very effective as almost everyone in the online space is using CMS. You will lose out to everyone in terms of ranking because of that.

  42. Thanks a ton for this enlightenment, Kumar. I really appreciate. As for Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll join as soon as I get a good device, so I don’t miss out on any course. Once again, thanks a milllion times, I appreciate your sense of transparency.

  43. Hello Kumar,
    You are very informative and direct in your answers. I do not have a product to sell but would be happy for selling vendors items. My question to you is that i heard people get pennies for products sold through there website??? Do all vendors pay the same sales commission – does it work on a sliding scale? how do vendors base the paid commissions? I dont what to waste time going through the whole program only to find out i can’t pay my internet and other utility bills, and mortgage for the month.I look forward to your reply.
    Kindest regards

    • Hello Marguerite, Thank you for you compliments.

      Not all commissions are worth pennies. It totally depends on the value of product you are promoting and what affiliate networks you join. And no, all vendors have different commission structure. Sorry to ask, but what is a sliding scale. Personally, I prefer working with Amazon.com as an associate because you can make commissions for product you didn’t even promote. I.e. when someone clicks on your link and chose to buy a 60′ TV, you will get a commission for it too. This is very common if you ask me, getting unrelated product sales.

      It is definitely going to take quite some time to build out your website to eventually get your daily sales. Once you there is, it’s matter of just rinse’ n repeat to increase your income more and more.

      Hope it answers yours questions.

      Do let me know if you have anymore!

      Best Regards,

  44. hi kumar
    nice explanation from you, since my country has been banned from starter member, what are the requirement for starting up a bootcamp? am brush from Nigeria

  45. Hi Kumar
    I really I appreciate your explanation. I have been following many sites which i found wrong ones by the end of the day . This one has given me a hope to raise up my dream via WA.
    To be honest i am in a miserable country Burundi in wich u can’t be connected to the internet all the time. I have no lap top but from now i can start trying to find it. But the problem is this, can one work whith WA when he is not connected 24 hours?

    • Hi Adelin,

      Sorry to hear about your bad internet connection. The bare minimum to running an online business is a computer and internet connection. Without a computer you really can’t do anything. Most of the training videos, tools require internet connection too so I would say you are missing in a lot of things if you don’t have internet connection. I hope that your situation will improve sooner 🙂

  46. Your review is quite helpful. Kindly send me an email so that i can have the opportunity to exchange correspondence with you. You are blessed. Thanks.

  47. hello kumar. i want to be part on your team so i can give enough foods for my two daughter. im a single.mom and looking for a good job even here at home,so i can be with them at the same time working with you. i hope you can help me..thank you

  48. Hi kumar, i am from Nigeriag, i will like to join WA, through which medium do i pay for the premium membership, what i have is a Naira master card, is it possible to pay with it?

    • You can start by creating a starter account. Once you logged in, click on the Affiliate bootcamp button on the left hand side. It will help you get started with what you need to do to start promoting WA and earning commissions.

  49. Not working in my country seems you have to pay first. So I do not make payments to something that I do not know if it will work. Sorry.

    • Yea, WA is not available in certain countries because of security issues. For the black listed countries the starter membership is not available, you will have to pay for the premium membership.

      Anyway, have a nice day and thanks for dropping by 🙂

  50. Hello Kumar nice job on your review!
    for several years have been searching for something tangible like WA and I think I have found it.
    I too almost signed up for Facebook Bonanza but since I have seen many of these thru the years, I too recognized it was a scam.
    I have lots of passion and knowledge as a professional photographer I also had a marginally successful only food business but had to give it up since I was still working full time and could not figure out shipping and packaging since I was dealing with fresh perishable content.
    Two questions:
    1 Do you have any info on the food business
    2 Photography
    I am also considering starting a unique t shirt business with my so.
    Your thoughts?

    PS Can I email you privately?

    • Hi Borges,

      If you are interested in food and photography, starting your own food blog is a no-brainer to me. You can really be successful with food blogs if you are willing to dedicate yourself. Once your site is running great, you can then step up the game and create youtube videos on different recipes too. You can earn revenue from Google through their Advertising as well.

      I have sent you an email. Do check it out.

  51. Hi Kumar!
    Thanks for your sincere analysis.
    I will like to get your email to discuss some things with you. Am currently raising money to fund my premium subscription since my country is not eligible for starter pack.

  52. Hi Kumar!Your site is great and very helpful for me but i have some questions to ask you ..1.english is not my native language ,i continue to learn and improve it everyday ,do you think i can succed if i join WAU?
    2.the training provie in wau does it work in any language also…because i can learn but to write article seems bit difficult for me ,..do you have an honest advice to give me brother,i am in africa,french country i precise,thanks for your fast reply,bro!

    • Hi Franky, thank you very much for your kind words.

      Yes you don’t have to be a pro in english to succeed in this. As you said it yourself, your english will only get better and better as your read more and write more articles. English isn’t my first language too. If I can do it, why can’t you my friend? Sure you can!

      The training in WA is only in english. But you can always create your website in any language and target people from any country. Or you can install a plugin that does Google translates and automatically gives you the option to translate from one language to another.

  53. Hi Kumar I saw all the reviews and really interested in WA. Can u pls able to send me more details information abt how and where to start from and how I do in my email address pls

  54. Hi Kumar, I tried creating a premium account and I still get the “We’re sorry but we are not able to create your account at this time because your country is not supported”. response how do i go about it

  55. I’m in Kumar!
    Thank you for such a detailed and reader friendly (honest and up front) description of WA. They are lucky to have you with them, and you obviously believe in their system. I have been looking for something like this for over a year now. The point that I can try free is great, but being able to stay at the “starter position” for a few months until my websites can grow and get more traffic and customers is ultumately what makes me feel this company has an understanding it takes time for us to get things started and growing! Receiving multiple websites also, is amazing.
    Thank you for the reviews and this recommendation. I’m joining today and will probably be in touch the 1st couple weeks just to make sure I’m getting things set up properly, or if I may have a question.
    Thanks again,

  56. Hi Kumar
    Hope this WA supported in india . If i dont create a web site and if i promote only WA than how i can earn

    • WA is supported in India. Unfortnately, I don’t think you can create a free starter account so you will have to be premium member. The best way to promote WA and earn commissions is to create a website and write reviews.

  57. how do i collect money due to money, i have try several time to collect money that i have earn through your site until now showing me error i don’t know what to do if you can help me out

  58. Good evening Kumar. Thanks for this review. Is the $359 paid each year, and for how long? I am really interested in this. My passion is sports – mainly Soccer, boxing and athletics in that order. I also have a passion for classic Reggae music from the 70s to the 90s and early millenium. I will love to hear from you quickly.

  59. Thanks Kumar for your commitment to the success of others. Yet l believe if you close your eyes because evil people are coming your way, you might be surprised that even Good people have also passed you by.

    How do I mean? I’m a Nigerian. And my country is banned from your programs. But in a better way, I feel that you can put another strict measure to this program to deal with the banned countries.
    Rather than placing a ban on them completely, you can ask us to join the starter membership with a fee. e. g $5.
    Remember, the starter membership is the starting point that helps the newbie to create more passion, interest and commitment.

    Please try to review the ban aspect of the programs. Even out of a black pot, a white pap can still be prepared, says a proverb.
    Smelling the aroma of what you are looking for, might even create a urge to buy it.

    The starter fees when charged can be refundable provided the person stick to the rules. I’m sure, really sure that there are good people in this banned countries as well, then give them the privilege.

    Sorry for bothering you. Read this from the bible. Genesis 18:24-33

    Peradventure there be fifty righteous within the city: wilt thou also destroy and not spare the place for the fifty righteous that are therein?
    That be far from thee to do after this manner, to slay the righteous with the wicked: and that the righteous should be as the wicked, that be far from thee: Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?
    And the LORD said, If I find in Sodom fifty righteous within the city, then I will spare all the place for their sakes.
    And Abraham answered and said, Behold now, I have taken upon me to speak unto the Lord, which am but dust and ashes:
    Peradventure there shall lack five of the fifty righteous: wilt thou destroy all the city for lack of five? And he said, If I find there forty and five, I will not destroy it.
    And he spake unto him yet again, and said, Peradventure there shall be forty found there. And he said, I will not do it for forty’s sake.
    And he said unto him, Oh let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak: Peradventure there shall thirty be found there. And he said, I will not do it, if I find thirty there.
    And he said, Behold now, I have taken upon me to speak unto the Lord: Peradventure there shall be twenty found there. And he said, I will not destroy it for twenty’s sake.
    And he said, Oh let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak yet but this once: Peradventure ten shall be found there. And he said, I will not destroy it for ten’s sake.
    And the LORD went his way, as soon as he had left communing with Abraham: and Abraham returned unto his place.

    God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because not even Five good persons was found there.

    Kindly device another way to deal with the ban, especially for these countries. Whether it is because of insecurity, cheating or hacker.


  60. my names are Eli i live in Rwanda and i have a question about MyDuty.site which allow me $300 that i have earned today but when i try to sign up into my account the asking me a credit card number and when i put it and click on submit button it can not response .please give a guidence

  61. Hi Kumar

    Am Bato from Kenya brotha i am realy liked how you explain this Things
    And i would like to have more chat with you if you don’t mind can you plz Contact me on whatsapp +254729067508

    Am realy eager to do this job

  62. Hlo.
    As u said i got interest in wa bt i dnt have any knowledge about all these..will u plz tell me how to and where to start..plzz mail me..

  63. Nothing is happening after signing in WA.Any where I click the menu bar appears which says to join or become the premium member in WA. So what can I do?

  64. Hi
    Kumar am Abdinoor from Kenya I signed up but unfortunately am free start up membership is not eligible to my kindly help I’ll appreciate thanks.

  65. Mr.kumar u hv mentioned in the above description that credit card or debit card details won’t b asked anywhere in this process,but once I logged in into my account,it is asking for card details.I think the best time thing for paying someone is sending a cheque at his or her address

    • Hi Aisha, if you are from one of those blacklisted countries that I have mentioned above, you will have to become a premium member first.

  66. Your blogging is awesome bro I read all your blogs also i sign up with your link to wa. I think you are also from india right, i am from india but i am not have money to join now but i will later sure.
    Could you guide me please how to make money online
    Blogspot or worpress which is better. I bookmarked your site i will visit often.
    Please reply me with your email I have some questions to ask keep in touch with me. You are doing great all the best for your carrer…
    Thank you..

    • Hi Dilip,

      thanks for you kind words and support. I definitely can guide you but WA is the platform you one to begin with. Save up some money and commit to it when you are ready. WordPress is better than blogspot.

  67. A very big thank you for the wonderful write up, I want nd wish to start as a beginner because I believe knowledge first, and again I’m from Nigeria I know they have banned them from the free starter, I know that’s not a big issue all I want is knowledge and start earning, thanks

    • How do you know it is a scam? Have you tried it yourself? WA is free to join unless you are living in one of those countries black listed by WA. The owners have put millions into the program to educate everyone on how to build your own business online and start earning income. Why must they not be asking money?

  68. I am in madurai (Tamil Nadu) what kind of job in this company? How to join and educate to business online. Kindly reply

    • Hi,

      This is not a typical job opportunity. It’s more like a business. Instead of your normal offline business, this one is done online. Yes, everything is done online. Your payments will be paid directly to your bank once you make sales.

  69. Hello Kumar,Iam not member of WA. I have just gone through your blog,to great extent Iam convinced to join WA.My intro is Iam a physically challenged person and self retired.
    Before joining WA Ihave some queries Iam poor in English and alsohave little knowledge of computer,Should I join WA. Will Ibe able to achieve success? Give your opinion.My country is
    INDIA.New Delhi.

    • Hello Vipin Kumar,

      Glad to see that you are somewhat interested in joining WA. As affiliate marketing doesn’t require you to move around or do anything other than with your computer, I would say it’s definitely one to consider. But having said that, you shoud ask yourself whether you have the fianances for the time being to help you learn and start earning money. Affiliate Marketing is like a business and it takes time to build and grow, let’s say atleast a month or two before things start to take off and slowly you will see sales coming in every now and then.

      Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to know step by step to get started in this so you don’t have to be computer saavy to do well in this. I know many people above 60 also being part of WA. The good thing about WA is that it’s catered for beginners to advanced marketers too. I am not good in english too, and if I can make money I don’t see why you can’t.

  70. Hi Kumar, You said we can take free course, Is it free in India? As soon as I signed up for the
    free course it is saying that the free course is not available in our country and we have to take premium. Kindly confirm me.Thanks.

    • Hi Ramanya,

      If you look at the bottom I have mentioned that a few countries are not able to register for a free starter account. unfortunately, India is one of them!

  71. Hi Kumar,
    I am interested to join WA. I am from the Philippines and you posted that Philippines is one of the banned countries from joining a free starter membership.
    If I join WA, can I join with the premium cost of $19 a month

    Thanks and God bless.

    • Hello Betty,

      Glad to see that you are interested to check out WA. Yes, unfortunately, WA free membership is not available in philippines. From my understanding, you will have to pay the full price of $49 to become a member. I don’t think you are eligible for the discount. What you could do is try out WA for a month and see whether you would like to commit to long term. If yes, you could opt in for the yearly membership which adds to less than $30 per month. Since it is pro-rated, you can even minus off from your existing first month membership.

      Hope it helps 🙂

  72. Hi Kumar,

    I just asked a discounted premium membership of $19 because your answer to the comment of “Obsequious” dated April 2016 who is from Nigeria( blacklisted also) is to avail the discounted $19 premium membership cost.

    I hope you can avail me the same price. Thank you and God bless.

    All my best,

    • Hi Betty, as I have already mentioned earlier, you would have to pay the full price to become a premium member. I am not the owner of WA there is nothing I could do about it. Whatever price is quoted on the website is what you would have to pay.

  73. Hi Kumar

    I’m jihad from morroco I just signed up few minutes ago , I didn’t get the free starter membrship as you said , can you tell me why ?

  74. Hi kumar ,

    I’m omar from morocco , i signed up just few weeks ago , and i didn’t get the starter membreship for free , i do not know why ? Any idea about that


  75. Hello Kumar. i’m asking that is the premium membership is like subscribe so you had to pay monthly? i’m starting my first year in high school with marketing as my main course, i had talked with my teacher about WA so i think i’ll try it with my teacher. can a high schooler student joined WA as well?

    • Hi Rafly, yes anyone can join WA and get the full benefits of it. There are members who are 16 or 17 years old and are already making passive income every month. Yes, the premium membership is to gain access to all the tools, training and support to build your online business. The good thing about WA, is that you are already paying for everything you possibly need to start and run your business. There is no add on costs like many other MLM companies.

  76. Hi Kumar I m in, I would like to be a part of it please guide me as I’m eager to join asap also let me know for premium members we have to monthly…

    • Hi Asiya, you will have to pay $49 per month for the premium membership. I suggest you opt in for the yearly membership because it saves you over 35% in money!

  77. Hello bro, I am from Bangladesh but the wealthyaffiliate said that , free membership is not for my country. I just need an answer from you and how can I open a free account.

  78. good stuff very informative but the restriction for many countries doesn’t make sense at all. they should just go ahead & tell us that every body need to pay to participate instead of telling many people from different countries that they are blacklisted or that they are not allowed to participate from their countries…but personally Kumar i think your write ups was great…please write me on belovedmorris@gmail.com
    i wana be a part of WA


  79. I really and desperately wish to join this program but unfortunately I cant join because I am from Nigeria. I am tired of staying in one spot and not progressing while thinking of giving a trial my enthusiasm was suddenly dash when I saw that I am not eligible because I am from Nigeria.

    • Yes, you can but you are limiting yourself to a smaller group of people. Your English don’t have to be extraordinarily good. In WA, you will learn how to write content and reviews in easy ways.

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