The Wealthy Affiliate Review, My Honest Perspective

The Wealthy Affiliate Review – Almost everyone, before finally deciding to join Wealthy Affiliate will have 101 questions running through their minds. And one of the most common questions is, whether Wealthy Affiliate is legit or just another scam site. As a matter of fact, I was in the very same situation as you back then.

I did countless researches around the internet which lasted a week or so before I even deemed Wealthy Affiliate was the right place for me. If you are interested to know MORE about WA, please go through this review thoroughly.


Name: Wealthy AffiliateMy_WA-Profile_Page


Price: $0 for Starter Membership –  Create your FREE account here

Owner(s): Kyle & Carson

Overall Ranking: 99/100

Who is it for: Amateur/beginner – Expert


My Wealthy Affiliate Journey…

 I left countless of jobs because I was never satisfied with how unfairly I was being treated, continuing to finish my tasks even after working hours and burning some of my weekends without any extra allowance. And worst, my pay is substantially low, barely enough to just scrape through the month. Honestly, I always wanted to work for myself but just didn’t know how.

A few months ago, I reached my threshold limit for working under someone else. I told myself, “this was it, time to start my own business”. I did lots of research online on starting a business but I soon realised that it is not possible to start one because of my financial background. To start a business you need to have a capital, and I didn’t have that.

During my research I also found out that there is more potential to make money from an online business than offline business. In layman terms, offline business only targets people within the country you live in BUT online business WA_Journeytargets Worldwide.

Over three billions people has access to the internet and if I can capture a small group of them, It will definitely be able to bring me high and consistent income every month. When I looked at the potential of an online business, it just made me more excited to quickly get my website up and running.

But there was a problem, I had the passion but definitely lacked the knowledge. I didn’t have a single experience or idea of how to build and start a website. Then I continued to do more research until I came across Wealthy Affiliate, their learning platform really attracted me but I was too sceptical in the beginning.

Then I continued to search for more reviews on Wealthy Affiliate. The more I read, the more confident I got regarding Wealthy affiliate because almost everything  I found was positive.

Without hesitating, I quickly signed up for the free starter membership($0) and started going through the lessons. My first few days at Wealthy Affiliate was a definite eye opener for me, lots of useful tools, resources and a most importantly a wonderful community that’s helps you out whenever you come across problems.

Soon after, I created my first siteRubix website, I just felt that I should be part of this wonderful learning program so I grow my business from here. Without thinking twice, I signed up for the premium membership and have launched two websites(that are officially live and running)

Till today, I am still a premium member of this wonderful platform Wealthy Affiliate. Honestly, I’m in no hurry of giving away my membership anytime soon.

If you have any questions you would like to ask me, you can either leave a comment in the box below or contact me through my profile at WA. I am connected at Wealthy Affiliate throughout the day, so I will be sure to keep a look out for you.


Quick Summary of what is Wealthy Affiliate about

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform for everybody regardless of your experience level in online marketing, whether you are a beginner or expert you will still continue to learn and be amazed.

There are training, tools and videos – STEP by STEP, on how you go about making your website and starting your business.

I was surprised myself, “WOW is that it?, I have made my own website finally and I thought it was very difficult”.

The community here at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none, I’ve met so many helpful and genuine people of the past months. Those who have been very successful in this business have been around to teach and help others to be as successful as them.


The GUYS behind Wealthy Affiliate

kyle and carson

Carson(left) & Kyle(right)

These two guys here, Kyle & Carson are behind the success of Wealthy Affiliate. They have built a wonder training platform to cater to every new and experience online marketers out there.

Everyone started out with nothing, when we were born we didn’t immediately start to walk but slowly learned how to walk over time. It the same with online marketing, don’t look down at yourself that you cant be successful and earn big bucks, everyone has the potential in themselves.

The word failure is only for those who don’t even give a try, so if you are looking for new career change or even retirement plans you can always join our Wealthy Affiliate Family.


Want to know what makes Wealthy Affiliate so Unique?

Wealthy Affiliate is constantly up-to-date on their training program based on how the internet revolves. For e.g. when there is a major google update, such as the google penguin or panda, things that worked in the past will not work today.

We will get it updated through Wealthy Affiliate and they will train us on the updated steps we should take going forward.

Like I always say, you don’t need to have University Degree to be a successful online marketer.

Here are some of the unique features @ Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Getting Started Training for all newbies – Training cant get any simpler
  2. Video Training, Tutorial training, Classroom training and courses
  3. More than 100,000 Helpful community members
  4. 13+ Full, Interactive classroom – You can ask your questions here or look for similar question someone else asked
  5. 24/7 & 365 Days live support – even in the middle of the night like 3am in the morning (LOL)
  6. 2 FREE WordPress built websites
  7. No barrier between you & experts – Need advice or help, just ask and you will get answers
  8. Fast & Free Hosting(Premium member)
  9. A conducive learning environment that is SPAM FREE
  10. It is Completely FREE to kick – start your learning journey

The only downside of Wealthy Affiliate is that there are really TOO many information when you just start out, so try not to get overwhelmed. Just follow the Step-by-Step training and you will be good to go.


Sneak Peak @ some Success Stories




Above are just some of the success stories that I would like to share with you guys. Almost every other day people are posting their success stories, these stories will always be a root of motivation to those who just joined Wealthy Affiliate or still in the process

All these are real people like you and me, making money from online marketing. This is totally legit and in a matter of time it maybe even you, yourself posting blog on your very on success story.

Want to Create Your Own Success Story? Start TODAY!


 So who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

This is a very common question people like to ask because they are unsure whether they fit into this category, don’t worry I will clear that doubt for you now.

Like I said earlier Wealthy affiliate is a training platform that caters to those who are new into online marketing and want to learn how or even if you are an expert and already have your business but you want to scale it to a bigger level then you are also a potential candidate for Wealthy Affiliate.

So in other words, EVERYONE, regardless of age, race, country or level of expertise can join Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Are you tired of working under your boss?
  • looking for a new career
  • Unemployed, retrenched or retired
  • Want to earn passive income
  • Students who have interest in becoming an entrepreneur
  • Passion for blogging
  • Those who want to spend more time with your family and friends
  • Work in peace and freedom

If you answer Yes to any of the above, you are already a perfect candidate to join Wealthy Affiliate

All you need to access Wealthy Affiliate is to have a computer and internet connection. You can also use your mobile phone or IPad to access Wealthy Affiliate, anytime any where –  They are user friendly.


A Detailed Overview of the Tools & Trainings in Wealthy Affiliate

I guess it’s enough of me talking, time to let the pictures do the talking. Below I will touch on some of the tools and training you can expect to see in Wealthy Affiliate.

There are two separate courses to choose from, the certification course and the affiliate boot camp. Both are somewhat different I will explain to you in details below.

1. Certification Course


In this 10 lesson course you will learn some of the basic steps to create a successful online business that generates revenue.

Benefits & Learning Outcomes includes

  • learn how to optimize your website using WordPress
  • Learn to create website content – Teach how to write quality content
  • Find out the revenue earning process
  • Instant access to more than 590,000  different niches
  • Understanding importance of keyword research and many more

You can choose to do the certification course first, which will allow you to make your website based on your interest. For e.g. lets say you like dogs, so you select certification course to help you build a website regarding a dog niche – Your website can be on a specific type of dog, dog health or any other which I will leave it to you to decide.

Why choose something that you have interest on?

When you choose something of your interest you are already one step higher than the rest because you got some basic knowledge and you can write better content.

2. Affiliate BootCamp


If you don’t really have any interest or cant decide on what niche you want do, you can always start with the Wealthy Affiliate BootCamp.

Basically, you will be taught on how to promote Wealthy Affiliate to others. To be more specific, you will learn how to engage with people, help them and ultimately convert them into Wealthy Affiliate member.

3. Classrooms

5Basically you just click the classrooms tab at the top and it will bring you to a page showing all the different classroom. Each classroom focus on a specific group of lessons. Lets take the above for e.g., Keyword, Niche and Market Research so what you click enter classroom you will find posts, lessons, video everything that is related to this topic.

This will definitely come in handy almost every time you face trouble along the way when you are building your site. And what are classrooms for? Obviously to LEARN! So don’t worry almost all your doubts and queries will be cleared through this classrooms.

4. Live Trainings Classes


Another wonderful feature in Wealthy Affiliate is the live training classes conducted by one of the marketing experts, Jay (Magistudios). This live Webinar is conducted on Friday/Saturday and don’t worry if you missed them, because our fellow Jay will upload the recorded copy so you can view it any time you want.

5. Tools & Services

  • Keyword & Competition Research Tool – The foundation of you building a successful business depends on the content on your site. In order to get the contents to rank up in the search engines you have to do keyword research for every post or page you are about to do. Many keyword research tools out there may not provide the accuracy you need or may cost you additional money but in Wealthy Affiliate you get unlimited access to keyword research too(Premium members) but for starter members you will get 30 free tries.
  • WordPress express, 3 clicks Website builder – unlike many programs or software you are not required to spend so much time modelling your website. With this 3 click website builder it will take you less than a minute to build your site
  • Low Competition Keyword List
  • You will get Access to over 2000 different types of templates and themes – suited to your interest
  • You can add over 30,000 different features to your website
  • Rapid Writer – You can use this tool to do your idea generation, and also you can check the amount of keyword(density) in your post. Too much keywords can hurt your ranking too.

In other words, everything you need to build a successful business is available here in Wealthy Affiliate, its just a matter of click away and all the necessary tools and information will be right in front of your screen.


Wealthy Affiliate Community, your pillar to success

Whenever we have questions, the first thing we do is go to Google and search. Wealthy Affiliate is unlike any other platform because we have a 24/7 live community support. If you think you can completely do anything without assistance, you are obviously lying. Because definitely at some point of time, you will get stuck and the only way to resolve is to ask questions.

Even for myself, whenever I have any doubts, I will just head over to the community and shoot out my question and within seconds or minutes I will get a response.

There are few ways you can get assistance,

Live Chat – Live Chat is one of my most favourite feature because it all happens in REAL time, you get the sense of feeling that you are talking to somebody and not some ROBOT. You can use this feature to chit chat and make new friends or like I mentioned earlier, ask questions.

Join Now & Say Hello To Our Fellow Members!

Wonderful support and motivation from the Founders themselves – They really take time off their busy schedules and try to help every single member in the community. It always makes me feel so valued when someone so big, the CEO and the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate comes and checks on you from time to time.












1 to 1 Private Conversation with the Owners These owners have more than 10 years of online experience under their belt which is one of the reasons why they are very successful now. With their advice and tips you can make your online business journey process shorten by miles.













Technical difficulty support – One is definitely going to face some form of technical difficulty along the way when building a website/ business. That aspect is also being covered in Wealthy Affiliate, just send a “ticket” to the hosting support and they will get back to ASAP.

What do I mean by technical support? For instance, you cant access your WordPress site, or you website have unnecessary spam.


Still unsure how you going to earn money? Look Here


To become successful is not as complicated as you think it is. The above image has simplified the exact journey to reach your final goal, to earn money.

Step 1: Choose an interest – Niche( e.g. dogs, fitness, flowers)

Step 2: Build a Website – Once you build your website with the 3-click builder, its a matter of adding the right content and developing your site

Step 3: Get Ranking & visitors – Writing content the right way will lead to better rankings, the better the ranking the more likely visitors will come to your website

Step 4: Earn Revenue – Everyone’s main goal, to make money. I have nothing to hide, my goal is to make money also.


How much do I have to pay?

There are two types of memberships in Wealthy Affiliate

1. Starter Membership – Absolutely free ($0, no CREDIT CARD details required) Join Here

  • Free member
  • Instant Access to Wealthy Affiliate Community
  • Includes, live chat, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, access to keyword tool, commenting and most importantly TWO free websites
  • You have everything to gain & nothing to lose, Why Wait?

2. Premium Membership – $47 per month/ $359 per year Join Here

  • If you choose the $359 per year – if you calculate it you are paying only $29/month in other words you are only paying less than $1 per day to learn and build a successful business that can provide multiple folds of your initial investment. And in no time you would have covered your overhead cost and start seeing profits.
  • You get instant access to everything available in Wealthy affiliate – you no need to worry about the miscellaneous stuff such as hosting -unlimited hosting, you no need to purchase additional keyword research tool outside because you got full access to it here it Wealthy Affiliate.
  • If you wish to terminate your membership anytime you can just do it within the website. However if you face some difficulties just contact Kyle or Carson and they will help you resolve your problem.

Need a better understanding of the membership? Look at the banner below:


My Final Opinion + Special Bonus to YOU  

If you are still unsure whether you want to become a Premium member than take your time, move on your own pace. However, I would suggest that you at least join the Starter membership because it will give you better view of what is going on.

I may go on and on and on… talking about everything but if you don’t have first hand experience then you will never feel it. Give the starter member a try, besides it $0 and you got totally nothing to lose but only a bright future in front of you.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Now, it’s FREE ($0.00)


My Special Bonus to YOU

Once you join the Free Starter Membership in Wealthy Affiliate I will personally contact you on your profile and share with you all the necessary information to get started and how you can contact me.

OH YA! Before I forget, I am going to offer you a BONUS if you do decide to become a premium member within the 7 days of your Starter Membership ( Which includes a 59% discount, hence you only pay $19 in the first month)


My summarized Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Sales Page URL:

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Ranking: 99/100

Read Real Testimonials: Everyone’s Reviews


Final Verdict: Absolute Legit

I have come to the end of my Wealthy Affiliate review, thanks for bearing with me all the way. I chose to be as transparent as I could to everyone out here.

If you still have any questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you immediately.

You can also share your personal opinion/review below too



my name
















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Hey, I'm Kumar and thanks for dropping by. About a year ago, I was struggling hard to cope with my 9-5 job but now I have quit and started working fulltime from home as an online marketer. The purpose of my website is to help you do the same too. My goal is always to be my own boss and work for myself and I have definitely achieved that. If you want to follow my footstep and start earning money from your own home then you should check out My #1 Recommended Program .


  1. I’ve been looking into earning a little extra through internet marketing and I’m glad I came across this article. The education looks perfect for me and you mentioned it was free to sign up? Also, do the WA provide any sort of tools ( writing etc ) to help newbies like me out?
    Look forward to your response,

    • Hello Chris thank you for taking you time to check my review out. Majority of everyone’s goal is to make lots of money and I believe that you can earn them if you got the proper fundamentals and Wealthy Affiliate provides all the trainings and tools one needs to start a business. When I started out I had ZERO knowledge about online marketing, building websites myself but as days go by I widening my knowledge. There is no end to learning, everyday we are all learning something, be in something to do with internet marketing or even life lessons, this are all part and parcel of life.
      And yes, it is free to sign up! Don’t be afraid its a scam… like I always say since its free make use of the resources.. you got everything to gain and nothing to lose. Of course, in the beginning I didn’t know how to write content for my website but you will learn them in WA through the trainings. Only tip, follow all the trainings diligently.

      • This article has deeflitiny captured the key essentials that you must know if you want to establish a business or if you want to compete online. Building an effective website is truly a must-do whenever you desire to indulge yourself in an online business venture. I also agree when the writer tackles about the functionality and giving enough time to it.

      • Hai Kumar sir, I really thankful to you; because you saved me from fake one that is facebook bonanza. For 2years i am trying to find good persons to work through internet online or offline. But all time i payed money and all fake. Now i have read all about whatever you have written . I hope WA willhelp me to earn. Because I have zero money and zero knowledge about online work. Please help me

  2. Hi there. I really enjoyed reading your review of wealthy affiliate, I too have just entered the world of affiliate marketing and found your review both honest and useful. You really do make some great points about Wealthy affiliate and like you I was trying to find out as much as I can about it before signing up. It is a pity there are so many scams out there in relation to affiliate marketing and i am glad i came across your review of what seems to be a legitimate one.

    • Hey there Pete, thanks for your kind words. Yes, it is more like a human nature, we all try to “test water” first before we eventually step into it. same goes to joining training websites because there is a huge pool of websites that are solely created to rob ones hard earned money. With the right trainings and tools+ a bit of passion and consistency everyone can make money online.

    • Hi keye, it is very difficult to answer that question because I enjoy almost every training here at Wealthy Affiliate. Each training are designed to target a specific scenario so it we do not want to miss out on anything it is highly recommended that one go through the trainings. I have almost completed the online entrepreneur certification course and currently working on my boot camp.

      • I have to admit that the required patience and the concept that it will not happen overnight’ This is still one of the areas I have to work on:) It’s easy to get discouraged, but in the end it will be worth it.

  3. Hi Kumar,
    Wealthy Affiliate is the best online marketing platform out there! I personally had been to other programs before. And trust me.. Nothing can even touch the tip of WA. Too many deceitful gurus out there. However, Wealthy Affiliate stands out among the crowd. The only place available to thrive our online business based on our passion. With the support of helpful community, we can eliminate obstacle FAST! This is one of the benefits in being a member. Highly recommend folks to taste its power for FREE!

    • thank you Edy for sharing your personal view of what you think about Wealthy Affiliate. And you are absolutely right, Wealthy Affiliate does stand out from the crowd.And yeah! you can create two websites for free too.

  4. My spouse and I absolutely love your blog and find almost all of your post’s to
    be what precisely I’m looking for. Would you offer guest
    writers to write content in your case? I wouldn’t mind creating a post or elaborating on some of the subjects you write related to here.
    Again, awesome web log!

  5. Hey Kumar,

    Really awesome review you just wrote here.
    That’s funny because I was in the same position a month ago and that’s pretty cool to read that your experience is very similar to mine.
    The best part of WA for me is definitely the community. In a business like this, it’s pretty cool to find support and motivation when the times are bad 🙂

    Keep up the great work man!

    • Hi Matt, actually not only you are me but most people go through a very similar path. They don’t like working a 9-5 job for various reasons whether the pay is too less or hate their boss or what so ever. Then they seek alternatives online, I would say this is a growing trend. More and more people are going to seek opportunities online, so I would suggest people to quickly take this opportunity and establish a online business for yourself before its too late.
      I have to agree with you, the community is awesome. Everyday we hear success stories of people money and getting ranked on page 1. This really are great motivation for anyone to keep pushing forward.

  6. Let me read more of your praises on WA and I will get back in touch with you. Kyle and Carson seem ok, but I would like to get some background info on those two as I have read on you! I am leaning toward joining the WA family….Like I said in my first comment, let me get thru this last week of class starting March 21, 2016 and finish up all tests and homework assignments! I will be on spring break as of March 31, 2016. Hope to get in touch with then or thereabouts most definitely! Than You, Kumar for your presentation! ^_^!

    • Hi Kenneth, that’s sounds awesome. Just focus on your classes, tests and homework assignments first, then when you got more time to spare you can venture into this online business thingy. Sure, we can get in touch soon. Just let me know about it again. 🙂

  7. Fantastic review, so well written. I tried affiliate marketing about 7 years ago but failed because I was chasing the big bucks. This has sparked my interest again but I am sceptical. Also I don’t have much time these days.

    • Hey Chris. First, thank you for sharing with us your thoughts. I have to say, Affiliate Marketing 7 years ago and NOW has lots of difference. With the constant upgrade in technology you can do some many things that you can’t do before. And the first is creating a website. Last time, you need understanding of HTML coding and programming to create a website but now, you can create WordPress websites in just 30 seconds without any prior knowledge. Isn’t that awesome?

      So… you did chase the big bucks… HAHAHAH! I’m not going to completely criticize you because majority of the people did or are still doing the same. We really need to understand that, there is no such thing as easy money in this world. You really have to work for it. Just like working in the corporate world, internet is no exception to that. You put work, you see result, and ultimately make money. Nobody will pay you for not doing anything. But Affiliate Marketing is just different from working in a 9-5 job, which is why I love it to the core.

      Once you have a solid foundation, you will start seeing sales trickling day after day. How good can it get? Waking up every morning to see that you have sold something and earn commissions. I’m not sure what you meant by do not have much time these days. Is it you are too old or currently working? Actually, you can work on your website even 30min to 1 hour a day depending on your schedule and slowly progress and move forward. In Wealthy Affiliate you will find different kinds of people, stay home moms, people who are currently working but want to supplement extra income, there are even old aged people above 70 to 80 years old getting involved in WA, and Affiliate marketing. So.. Chris, I don’t see why you can’t do it. If you put your mind and heart together, you too can achieve the unachievable.

      Have a nice day. And take care 🙂


  8. Hello Kumar,
    Your balanced and simple but insightful approach to businesses online is amazing.

    U remind me of Zig Ziglar’s words:
    If people like you, they’d listen to you but if they trust you, they’d do business with you.

    Thank u for shining a light on this amazing subject.

    Plz I’m interested. Send me a mail plz.

    • Hey Timothy, thank you for your kind words. Anyway, I just dropped you an email. You can check it out, and we can communicate through there.

      Have a nice day 🙂


  9. Dear Kumar,
    I tried to contact you on Contact Kumar Here, but could not send my comment due to some error.
    Pls send your e mail address so I can contact you. No doubt your web site is very helpful.
    In hope to receive your email.You are from which country.
    Have a nice day.
    Rajkamal Bhatnagar

    • Hey rajkamal, i will drop you an email in awhile. We can communicate through there 🙂
      And I just tested my contact me page and it seems to work fine. Probably there’s something wrong in your end.

  10. That was a real good writing up there.. kind of thinking of joining up.. but like u said..purely for making money.. wud actually liek to what this stuff is all about.. am a working guy… not 9-5.. job. More like a 24 hr run..(solidier).. but I do get free times in a day.. wud this stuff be too pressing like compulsion on a daily basis attendence? And what kind of revenue can I earn if dedicated properly on free signup? Just curious…. wud really appreciate a response from ur side onto my mail I’d.. a ton Tanx in advance

  11. Hi Mr.Kumar, just wanted to ask you some important questions before I take a leap into Wealthy Affiliate world. Would be much grateful if you can reply me. Thank you.

  12. Kumar I just signed up and it says free starter membership isn’t available in my country and asks me to buy premium membership worth $359! It didn’t even ask where I was. I’m utterly disappointed.

  13. Thx I need to be sure to know difference betwin Syber World and IRL , IRL u can tuch see feel heal smell speak , here only see + or – and click on that so I have to say since your review of Cash Cow Systems was so on a dot Scary I have to agree with you and thank you so I will leave now and ever trust easy or free Cash Cow systems .

  14. Hi Kumar I read your review and need to understand whether to start getting an income or commissions whether I need to have my own product to sell or if I will be creating a website to promote any product I choose and then earn commissions from that? Also If I do not join the Premium Membership and remain on free membership can I still earn commissions that way

    • Hi kim, you won’t be selling your own products. What you will be doing is creating a website to promote someone else’s products and then you earn commisions but keep in mind what you learn can eventually help you in selling your own products online in the futur. I personally know quite a lot of people who started with affiliate marketing and went on to do e commerce business online. Wa is the fundamental anyone who need to learn and get started.

      Yes, you don’t have to be a premium member to earn commisions because other affiliate programs has nothing to do with wealthy affiliate. But I do recommend that you join premium membership for at least 6month, learn and get the support and when you got the knowledge and confidence that you can succeed on your own, you can move out of wealthy affiliate and run the business on your own.

      Hope it helps .

  15. Hi Kumar
    My name is Chandrashekar and I’d like to ask you only one question is, that even if im very weak in English can I make it there where I want in WA..

    • Hi chandrashekar, yes you definitely can. Your english will only get better as you start practicing more and more. When i first started my english isn’t good too. But with the training and as i practice more it naturally gets better overtime.

      There are lots of free tools out there you can use to improve your english. One that i frequently use is called grammarly. Hope it helps. Dont let language be a barrier to your success. As long as you have basic understanding and knowledge i am sure you are good to go. 🙂

  16. Thank you so much Mr.Kumar.. I want to ask you more, if you don’t mind can I get your email id please..

  17. I agree that is Wealthy affiliate is a very good program and community.

    I have 2 free blogs there and for now free account but I thinking about to make upgrade.

    You can learn a lot of things there and start earn money with free blogs there.

    They have very good SEO option for blogs there.

  18. I read your website and is kind of sound to good to be true , would I be able to get any confirmations ?


    • Hello. May i know why you feel that this is too go to be true? This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. You are not promised to make money today or within the next week. This is a business opportunity that you create for yourself. Remember, this only works if you put in effort and give yourself enough time to succeed.

      I would encourage you to register for free and see it for yourself. I’m sure you will be amazed 🙂

  19. Hey Kumar ! Thanksfor the insight i enjoyed all you said can you please drop me an email, i guess i’m ready to do this

  20. Hi kumar, what a great post! i’ve been searching a way to earn profit via online, before this, i try to participate on online wealth market, but after reading your post about it, just prevent my self too get scheme. thanks to your post, i think i’m ready to join affiliate family

    • Hey thank you so much! Yes, online wealth market is a scam. It’s best to stay away from it.

      I’m glad you decided to give affiliate marketing a try. Feel free to ask me any questions if you have going forward.

  21. Kumar, the service is not available for my country, bro.. I’m from Nigeria. When I tried to register, the reply was “Country not supported”. I need a solution or alternative, bro… Thanks.

  22. please are there any legal online business that works too in Africa Nigeria. I NEED TO KNOW KINDLY REPLY ME BACK ON MY EMAIL

  23. Hi Kumar, that was a very impressive comments about FB Bonanza! I am glad that I did not go through with the program. I almost did but when I read the fine print stating abut the $1.00 and the $47.00 monthly, I did not go sign up.

    Anyway, I am retired but I am looking for a ligite work on line to earn extra money. I would like to know more about the Wealthy Affiliates. Is there any other way to check their websites? what is the difference between the regular program which is free and the Premium ($47.00). Is this a one time fee or is it monthly? Also, can you make money too using the regular trading?

    • Hi Belle, glad that you didnt fall for the scam.

      Wealthy affiliate has a free membership so you can sign up and check without paying a dime.

      As a premium, you get more support and access to more training and tools which will assist in helping you make faster compared to the free membership.

      This $47 is a monthly fee but they do offer a yearly payment which is about $359, saving you over $200.

      I would recommend you to start with the free membership and go through the training and see whether this is something you want to do or not. We have alot of retired people making money too, so this is something you could look at.

      I’m not too sure what trading are your referring too. But if it’s binary trading, sorry, i wouldnt recommend it because the risks of losing your entire investments is high

  24. hi kumar, I am farhana from Philipinnes. I signed up just a while ago and found out that the free starter accounts are not available in my country. I need to become a premium member and budget is a big deal for me. I really wanted to join. do i have the chance to join freely? or to become member freely? I like your blog because I have been a victim of scam . Thank you!

    • There is really not many out there. Most of them that are free don’t really pay you anything. Almost every program will cost you money. Unless we are talking about freelancing.

  25. I really like your review and I would have like to join but you said my Country Nigeria black listed. You guys should make room for us in this part of the globe. Waiting for your reply. Sunny.

  26. It is really awesome the way you respond to comments here, and I must be frank with you I would have loved to mimic what you are doing if not for the unfortunate reason that my country-*Nigeria* is going through these challenges.

    As an online marketer, your success really lies on having a good coach, so that when the going gets tough, you gonna have somebody to encourage and guide you aright.
    Kindly have us in mind has someone has rightly said.
    More power to your elbow

    • Thank you for your kind words Lukmon!

      Yes to be a successful online marketer, you will need to have the proper training and tools. WA is the best place where you can get them. I would like to bring you to be a part of this but personally, I don’t know why Nigerians are unable to register. I will try get back to you on this!

  27. Thank you so much mr kumar for your word of encouragement for those of us from Nigeria hoping to hear positive response from the co-founder as you promise to contact them on ratify the issue of blacklist soonest. I’m interested to join WA please as soon as the blacklist issue is ratify I should be notify or you should better still post a comment here for the notification .thanks Philip

    • I have contacted the owners. It’s seems that Nigeria will remain blacklisted because of the high fraud counts. If you would still want to be part of WA, you will have to become a premium member.

  28. i try to register but i cant go thru the starter membership because its not available in our country Philippines.. they want me to join in premium but dont have any money to able to pay.. too bad :/

  29. Thanks for your review on wealthy affiliate.please what do suggest those from Nigeria do, since u said the country is blacklisted?

    • Hi Stanley, I just checked with the owners. Nigeria is not eligible for the starter membership. However, if you want to still be part of WA, you have to become a premium member.

    • Hi Franklyn, I’m not really into this online jobs so I don’t really have much to suggest to you. If you are interested in working online, you might want to consider freelancing.

  30. Kumar do a Nigerian like me have an access to this Wealth Affiliate online marketing. If yes, kindly enlighten me I’m interested. please reply to my mail: anuoluwapogbenro@gmail. Thanks, await your response.

  31. I am a retired person with no wealth and need regular income for sustenance. I loved your blog. I request you to elaborate on certain important phrases you have used. I want you to elaborate the word “EFFORT” . What kind of effort? The most important question for me is how much time it takes to generate substantial ( may not be large) regular income. I have lost too much of valuable my time left for me and I am scared to lose any more. Time is more important for me than the amount of earning. I need your help now. God bless you.

    • Hello Santanu Banerjee,

      What I mean by effort is, you have to work hard on building out your business and website and this will take quite awhile. This isn’t something that can be achieved overnight or with minimal effort. You have to go through the training, publish content regularly and etc.

      If you are in a real financial difficulty, I personally don’t think WA is going to help you out. Because the monetary benefits takes quite awhile to come. You have to see online marketing as a business opportunity. To set up and run a successful business it will take awhile. I believe you will be better off doing something else.

      Good luck to you and God Bless you too 🙂

    • Basically, what you will be doing is creating a website based on a passion of yours and start filling up with content. Then you will join affiliate programs(free) and then put up affiliate links on your site. Those who click and buy the things you recommend, you will earn commissions.

  32. Well done, I have tried for many years to make money online and I failed and had been scammed. Finally I found a great company which pays me. If you are interested, please message me for more info.

  33. Hi Kumar, i.m Alina from Romania and i`m planning to join for 2 weeks since i found out about Wealthy Affiliate. I`ll start today the free one week membership and study all i can and after start the full program, the Camp..if i have any questions can i adress them to you? Thank you!

    • Hi Alina, you can get back to me anytime. I suggest you to join through me so I will immediately become your mentor and can help you going forward.

  34. Hi Kumar! you gat a wonderful write up that interest me to join. my name is bright, am a Nigerian. the website didnt support my country. try to add Nigeria so i can register. i’d wait for your reply. thanks

  35. Hi Kumar, my name is bright, m a nigerian. i tried to register but my country isnt supported. i love your writeup and wana join. please do something to it

    • Hi Bright! Nigeria is one of those few countries that are blacklisted from WA. If you are interested to join, you will have to become a premium member. Hope it helps!

    • Well, you don’t need good English to succeed in this. English isn’t my first language either and yet I am making full-time income online. Everything is a learning process. You will have to start somewhere and along the way you will only get better and better. If you can understand simple English(which you would need when going through the training), I’m sure you will do well 🙂

  36. Hi Kumar, I love your post…This sounds good to me I am willing to learn and want to make sure I am under you so you will b my mentor. Can u email me any more info i may need? Thank you Carol;)

    • How is this an advertisement. If that’s the case, almost every other review you see online will be considered an advertisment too. I have had great success with it, which is the reason why I recommend it to those who are serious about making money online and building a better future.

    • Basically, you will be building a website around a passion of yours and promoting related products. Whenever someone clicks on your link and makes a puchase you get commissions for it. I recommend that you join WA’s starter membership to understand more about it.

  37. Hi ,
    I was a victim of so called , inspite that i am fairly new about online marketing or we call it home base online job. I read the reviews / comments over here , i don’t know what to say. My only principles for now is to find a job online , either short term or long term. You may want to give a piece of advise of which website you can recommend for a starter like me.

    Thank you

    • Hi there, If you are looking for a real work from home job, that you should check out freelancing. Other than that, there is no other job opportunity online unless you are thinking about starting an online business.

  38. Hi Kumar,
    Nice write up, I have interest of joining wealthy affiliate. But I can’t because they said Nigeria is not supported what does that mean?

    • Hi Darlington,

      Thank you very much. Basically it means, WA is banned in Nigeria along we a few more countries for security reasons. You will have to join as a premium member because the starter account is not available for you guys.

    • Hi Gigi, try clearing your cache and come back here and try to click the link again. Do let me know if you are still unable to create your account!

  39. Nice article man sure i will join wealthy affiliate..But my main problem is English so it will help me? Your suggestion is very helpful for me..

    • Hi Vikram, from what I read your english is not bad at all. As long as you can understand simple enlish, type… you are good to go. Practice makes perfect… your first few articles that you write might not be as good but eventually it will automatically get better and better as you write and read more. Furthermore, there are several free tools that can be found online that will be useful for checking your spelling and grammar. One that I always using before publishing a post is grammarly. It’s FREE!

      Don’t be discouraged by the english. English isn’t my first language too but hey, I’m making money online! So there you go…

  40. hello kumar.I really like this forum of yours.i want to register and start online business here.Is it possible to run wealthy affiliate on mobile.does it support?

    • Hi Ali, the basis to running an online buisness (particularly affiliate marketing) is to have a computer and an internet connection. It is very difficult to do anything through mobile as you will need to create content, publish post and etc. When I first started this I had a broken laptop, I invested on a new laptop just for this opportunity. That investment definitely has paid off. So my point is, if you are really keen in starting this sort of business you will need to have the minimal necessities.

  41. Hi Kumar,

    Good blog.I am working in an IT company and i am looking for break in my career as i had an year old kid. Can you please let me know how far is this feasible for me(typical mommies) to get in, by meeting all my regular committments.
    I wanted to know the case if, i don’t have any my own product to sell, what are the opportunities from WA.
    Is this completely working from home job or do we need to travel , by any chance.How much is the average income we can take.
    Do we have free membership from India. I want to join under you. Please share the details.

    So many queries ;). Hope u understand my situation.


  42. Hi Kumar,
    Thanks for the detailed review. It was really helpful.
    I wonder if there is a way we can chat privately because I am hoping you can help me out with a few things.
    Please let me know as soon as possible.

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Moushami Bharadwaj,

      Yes, unfortunately, the free membership isn’t available for people in India and several other countries due to security reasons. You will have to become a premium member to take part in WA,so sorry about that. By the way, WA is having a Black Friday sale till tomorrow, so the price to pay is only $299 for 1 full year of premium membership. If you are interested, you might want to consider it. If you do the maths, it’s adds up to about $0.82 per day which in my opinion is the best price you can find online.

      You can sign up through here:

      You can sign up through

  43. Hello Kumar,
    I am a retired school teacher in the USA looking for a supplement to my pension. I have lots of time available, and am wondering if WA is a good match for me. I have great writing and editing skills. At what level would be best for me to join? Please send me an email. Thanks so much!

  44. I sign up but in tht it was written..”Free Starter accounts are not available in your country, but we would love to have you as a Premium Member!”.. and I’m from Delhi , india..!!

    • Of course it’s legit. I am with these guys for over 2 years. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. They don’t promise you overnight money. This is a business opportunity to build an online business!

  45. Hello kumar I am a student I wanted to learn digital marketing through digital profit course as I also assumed that it might be a scam wealthy affiliate is looking good but it says that free membership isn’t available for your country they say that i have to buy the premium membership before I start I don’t want to risk it what should I do please guide me

  46. i try to register but i keep getting this message (Oops, we found that you already have an account at Wealthy Affiliate. Please login with that account to access Wealthy Affiliate) and i have never register it before..

    • Hi Cyndi. Try bookmarking this site and clear your cache first. Come here and try again and let me know. If you still have issues creating an account, I will contact the owners for you.

    • Hi..

      There is no specific income range. It’s a business opportunity. You should see it in no different view from an offline business. You can’t predict how much profits you are going to make. But if you work hard, put in efforts you definitely can make your business grow, in turn your income will grow too.

  47. Hello,
    I tried creating an account in WA but it returned an unsuccessful message saying not supported in my country.

    I thought you said it is supported worldwide?

    My country is Nigeria.

    Kindly advise.

    • Hi Samuel,

      There are a few countries that are blacklisted by WA, Nigeria is one of them. There’s nothing much I can do on my side. If I am not wrong, you will have to sign up as a premium member to access WA

  48. I am a novice to this online thing. My intéeat was spured by the way you explained it all.

    My question is how does the money get to my pocket. Explain in a lay man’s language please

    • Hi Barthy,

      Basically, what happens is you join an affiliate program. Promote the products, and when someone clicks and purchase you will earn a commission. The commissions vary from affiliate programs. Once you have made money, the company will either pay you through Paypal, check, or several other ways. Hope you understood! 🙂

    • There are lots of fradulent activities going on there thus the owners have decided to blacklish Nigeria. You can still take part in WA, but now you don’t have access to the free membership. You will have to become a premium member

  49. Hello Kumar Sir,Good morning.

    AM from Bangalore. Presently am working,But i dont want do full time work due to some family issues.,So thinking to do online jobs.Pl guide me.

  50. hi Kumar, I am Cyril From Nigeria I have sent a direct email to you though..First am glad i stumbled upon this.. so much comprehensive information..I have tried to even signup for the premium package but couldn’t as its states my region is restricted..

  51. Hi Kumar
    You said it’s free to create an account and build a website but it’s absolutely not free.
    It said “not available in your country” which is India and I sure you’re Indian too.

    What do I do to create and build a free account or site?

    • Hi Henry, there are a few countries that are blacklisted from creating a free membership account and India is one of them. As for myself, I don’t live in India, so I am able to create an account. You could either as someone from another country to help you create the account or you must become a premium member to gain full access.

  52. “So in other words, EVERYONE, regardless of age, race, country or level of expertise can join Wealthy Affiliate.”

    so why when i try starter account , it reply

    “Free Starter accounts are not available in your country, but we would love to have you as a Premium Member!”

    Hi from Egypt ☹☹

  53. if site need link to send me money to paypal
    it is mean my email i used to register paypal or my link ?!

    • Hi ABI, regardless of where you work or what level of experience you have, you definitely can start an online business. It took me above 2 months+ to make my first dollar and around 6 month mark I was making monthly income of $300-$500. Now, I have reached over 5 digit per month. I run couple of websites. When you are starting out, I recommend you focus on one and try not to get overwhelmed with too many. Once your first site is making some good money, you can hire people to help you write content and you can focus on your other site. This is how a business works. To grow your business, you will have to at some point delegate your work to people.

      For now, don’t worry too much. Get start with the training. You can join through this link here

  54. Hello Kumar,
    I’m so glad to encounter this website and I guess it’s very useful. I hope you could assist me to join here. Please send me more information thru my e-mail. Thank you.

  55. hi! Kumar,
    I just finished reading this review ( 163 comments to be exact ), i find it very very helpful for me coz, i feel that you’re very honest answering all those querry. just this year i started browsing on the internet hoping to find a long lasting income, yes i also admit indeed i needed a quick return but just i have read your blog and comments i started to understand that just like any other business, online business is not a walk in the park ( quick income ). I do understand it now. I’m from the Philippines, yah my country is blacklisted too, but if really we have a passion to do this i don’t think the premium package is an obstacle. Anyway, having said that just wanna know if you heard about Yoonla Foundation coz just recently i’ve signed up there, can you give some sort of a review on this or say something about this, it will help me a lot if u can, for me to be able to know if it is healthy to go on to this or try WA perhaps, hoping to hear from you. GoodLuck Kumar and Continue do good deeds.

    • Hi Psalm Ocio,

      I haven’t heard of Yoonla Foundation. I will definitely check it out and share some insights on it!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  56. Hi Kumar

    I am from India. It’s very pity that after reading whole of your beautiful write up about Wealthy Affiliate and continuous comments, only in the last I could know that Free Membership is not available in India.


  57. hi sir kumar,
    thanks to this articla im very helpfull and inspiring..i want to start earning money..hope you will help me..i want to have a contact to you…and learn more from you..

  58. How much is the commission when other people click and buy your product or the things you promote on the website you build. And how does the sell goes? for example, if I sell something regarding dogs, and I do not live in the US, how the heck am I going to send that article to that person? How much would the commission be? I am so confused….please help.

    • Commissions are based on the affiliate programs you sign up for. Each and every affiliate program has their own commission structure, so it varies. For example, if you create a website on dogs and promote different products, when visitors come to your site and see your recommendation, and if they decided to purchase you will make a commission. You do not need to live in US to make money. You can earn commissions from any part of the world with internet, computer and your own website. Get started with Wealthy Affiliate and go through the lessons, it will explain everything you need to know and ease your confusion in no time 🙂

  59. Hi
    I find its very useful for anyone to start their online marketing. you just nailed everything ,how to start ….but while trying to register for a free starter ,,its telling that free account is not available in ur country ..
    Plss give a solution for this
    Iam waiting 4 ur reply

    • Hi Akhi,

      I am sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, you will have to become a premium member in order to get access. You might want to consider the yearly membership as it definitely saves a ton of money.

  60. while searching jobs i had come across wealthy affiliates site.I am from india
    It was mentioned that one can join as a free member in the beginning .However,when i tried
    to register with this site ,it said that “you can not join as a free member and will have to pay
    354 dollars upfront.No monthly instalment also .
    At RS 71 a dollar it comes to Rs 25,134/- which is quite a big amount .
    hence I could not join .
    In india a single person can live moderately comfortably In Rs 10,000/- per month but you need minimum $ 2000/- plus per month to live in USA.registration fee upto Rs 1000/-
    is acceptable but spending 25000 to go for trial is not easy

  61. HI Kumar,

    Very nice article, request you to assist me join here will you please send me more information via my email.


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