Wakaya Perfection Review – Scam Or Legit Business Opportunity?

This review is going to be about a company called Wakaya Perfection. What is Wakaya Perfection? Is it a scam or legit opportunity? Is it worth to invest your time and money into this or who is it really for? These are some of the questions that we will be focusing in this short review.

Alright without further ado, let’s get thing rolling…


Name: Wakaya PerfectionWakaya-Perfection-Review

Website: http://www.mywakaya.com/

Owner(s): David H. Gilmour & Todd Smith

Price: $49.95 (starting)

Rating: 3/5


Wakaya Perfection Company Overview

Before I go on to the actual review itself, I just wanted to mention that I am not in any way affiliated with Wakaya Perfection and thus, you can expect a totally unbiased review from me with regards to Wakaya Perfection products and more importantly Wakaya Perfection business program.

Wakaya Perfection was founded in the year 2011. The Founder and Co-Founder of Wakaya Perfection are David H. Gilmour and Todd Smith respectively. Both these guys have a vast amount of experience in running a business which is probably why this company is a hit, so far. There is a story and motive behind this company that I would like to share with all of you.

Wakaya is actually a 2,200-acre island in Fiji archipelago. Because of the natural erosion of volcanic rock thousands of years ago, it has provided the island with nutrient-rich soil that enables organic ginger to grow today. Apart from Pink Fijian ginger, a variety of other tropical fruits and spice plants grew well, including turmeric, Dilo, and coconuts. David H. Gilmour together with his wife purchased the island in 1973 which is now a wonderful resort and cultivation land for organic products.

The reason David gave behind the founding of Wakaya Perfection was, ” … Wakaya Perfection was founded to bring the islands unique healing treasures to the world and to provide Wakaya with the ongoing resources to preserve its pristine environment”.

It’s good to see that the website openly mentioned who owns and runs the company as it definitely helps in the credibility in both potential customers and business partners. Other than that, Wakaya Perfection products seem to have a great exposure to people. It has come out in several news articles and magazines, also was used by a famous celebrity, Oprah Winfrey.

So far everything about the company(and reputation) seems great. We’ll look at the products and business program in awhile to see how they fair.


Who is Wakaya Perfection for?

Wakaya Perfection is definitely a good home based business opportunity for stay home moms/dads or someone who is looking to quit his/her job to have more freedom to do things they want. But before you eventually get started, it is important that you understand what you are landing yourself into first.

Of course it’s most people’s dream to start their own business so they can make more money or have more time on their hands or both. However, you need to realize that not everybody can successfully run one simply because of the nature of it.

There are TWO things, in particular, you will need to do in order to be successful with Wakaya Perfection.

#1: Make Retail Sales – Customers buy products through you.

#2: Recruit members under your team* – The reason why I put a star there is because this is going to be the focal point of your success. You need to recruit people to join you and start doing what you are doing. The majority of the earning potential relies heavily on this, so if you are not going to recruit/ or having difficulty to recruit, you will not see good income.

Of course, Wakaya Perfection provides you with several marketing tools to aid you in your journey. But even then you should realize that those tools don’t speak for itself. You need to go around meeting new people and build your contact list, relying only on your relatives and friends is always bound to fail.

Apart from all these, you will still need to have a decent knowledge of both marketing and online marketing to be successful in this opportunity. A marketing plan is what’s going to make people find you. Obviously, you can’t be all the time finding random people. It’s better to have interested(targeted) people to find you instead as it saves the hassle and time.

So… think about what I mentioned earlier and then come to a conclusion whether it’s the right choice for you going forward or not. You don’t want to spend a good amount of money buying the marketing kits, and products and then realize that this is not the right opportunity for you. By then it’s too late, you can’t refund for what you purchased.

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Wakaya Perfection Products


There is a large variety of products offered by Wakaya Perfection. They include,

  • Bula Caps
  • Culinary
  • Essential Oils
  • Personal Care
  • Programs
  • General
  • Wellness

Honestly speaking, there are lots of MLM companies out there selling different sort of health and wellness products. This is a highly competitive niche. If your products don’t have a unique selling point, you are going to face difficulty to market the product and persuade people to buy this and NOT that.

Maybe, just maybe… Wakaya Perfection has got that covered. According to their website, ” Wakaya Perfection offers organic, pure and proprietary products that help you get well, stay well, be well, inside and out.” So it seems that their unique selling point is organic and being pure…

Personally, I feel that it might not be enough to justify their high cost because there are lots of companies coming up with organic products that enables one to buy them at a much cheaper price of the shelves.

Let’s look at some of their products and prices now:

Bula Caps

  • Bula Bottle – Used for daily detox, weight loss, enhanced energy, and more. Costs $3.80 per bottle.
  • NiteCaps 32 – Supports better relaxation and promotes more restful sleep. Costs $32.10 for a box of 32 caps.
  • ProCaps – A unique strain of probiotic bacteria that is important for overall digestive health and immune. Costs $38.55 for a box of 32 caps.
  • Detox Cap – Contain a unique source of 100% Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay and Wakaya Perfection Organic Pink Fijian Ginger to assist in natural detoxification. Costs $45 for a box of 64 caps.
  • LuvCaps – The Secret blend of powerful herbal extracts that are known to naturally support and enhance a couple’s libido. Costs $57.85 for a box of 16 caps.
  • Slim Cap – Contains a clinically proven weight loss ingredient that helps reduce body fat, helps boost metabolism and aids in curbing hunger by helping you feel fuller longer. Costs $77.15 for a box of 64 caps.


  • Ginger Gems – Gluten-free, allergy-friendly whole grain cookies. Costs $8.95 a box.
  • Wakaya Pop! Ginger, Sea Salt & Carmel Popcorn – Enjoy the light, savory flavor of caramel artfully blended with our Organic Pink Fijian Ginger and Fijian Kosher Sea Salt. Costs $10.25 a pouch.
  • Everyday with Ginger cookbook – Offers more than 60 delicious recipes from The Wakaya Club & Spa. Costs $14.80.
  • Organic Pink Fijian Ginger Powder – A healthier alternative to salt and pepper”, Costs $24.40 for a 0.6 oz. (17 g) jar.
  • Fijian Kosher Sea Salt – Drawn from the sparkling apple-jade reefs of Wakaya. Costs $25.70 for a 1.4 oz. (39.6 g) jar.

Essential Oils

  • 23 different type of essential oils
  • Price ranges from $25.70 to $75.85 per bottle.


  • Start Up book by David Gilmour – Read the story about the man behind Wakaya Perfection, FIJI Water, and many other successful businesses. Costs $25.70.

Personal Care

  • Sava Pink Fijian Ginger & Dilo Oil Shampoo – Gently cleanses, moisturizes and invigorates using a rare and proprietary combination of ingredients utilized in the South Pacific for centuries. Costs $20.55 for a 8 oz. tube.
  • Pink Fijian Ginger Body Soak – “A blend of our Pink Fijian Ginger with sea salt, this ginger soak will soothe your sore muscles and help you unwind from your busy day”. Costs $51.40 for a 26.9 Oz jar.


  • Daily Detox Program (1 Month) – Contains some of the nature’s most powerful detoxifying agents that can help rid the body of oxidants and other contaminants, nullifying their damaging effects. Costs $193.
  • Weight Loss Program (1 Month) – Contains ingredients clinically proven to reduce weight. Costs $195.55.


  • Calcium Bentonite Clay Powder – Calcium Bentonite Clay is the rarest form of clay. According to Raymond Dextreit, green clays are not only the most desirable but the only type recommended for ingestion. Costs $25.70 for a 10 oz. jar.

So far the products seem ok, but the prices for some of them seem unreasonable and definitely will result in many to start asking questions. For e.g. Sea Salt. Some will start asking whether it’s necessary to pay such an expensive price for their sea salt. Most people rather stick to the ones that can be bought off the shelves because it’s much cheaper and convenient. You don’t have to like go online, make an order just for a jar of salt.


Wakaya Perfection Compensation Plan

To get started

  • To become an ambassador and start earning money from Wakaya perfection you first have to purchase either one of their packs.
  • Ambassador Welcome Kit – Comes with several training & tools to help you get started. Costs $49.95.
  • Paradise Product Pack – This pack comes with some of their most popular products, and also help ambassadors increase their earning potential. Every month you will also get a free daily detox pack to use for yourself. This costs you $474.95.

There are 14 different ways you can earn through Wakaya Perfection.

  • 2 x 4 Matrix Bonus
  • 50% Matching Matrix Bonus
  • Retail Customer Commissions
  • Preferred Customer Commissions
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Coded Bonus
  • Perpetual Uni-level Commissions
  • Leadership Infinity Commissions
  • Generational Commissions
  • Paradise Pack Override Bonus
  • Overall Shared Bonus Pool
  • Car Bonus
  • 3 and Free program
  • Luxury Vacations & Travel

Like what I mentioned earlier, in order to qualify for most of the earning, the fundamental thing you should be doing is recruiting people under your downline.

The compensation plan is kinda long so I don’t really want to go into details here. If you really want to find out more about them you can check out this video of theirs below. The video is also quite long too, approximately about 54 minutes.


Summary Of Pros Vs Cons


  • There is definitely some potential to make money with their business program.
  • Decent Compensation plan – 14 different ways to make money
  • A good variety of products to promote
  • Clear and detailed understanding of the important things one need to know
  • Clearly listed the price you are going to pay for each product


  • There is a lawsuit filed against their co-founders Todd Smith.
  • Simply because it’s MLM. You need to find customers to buy your products and also recruit people under your downline which is NOT a walk-in-the-park work. You really have to work your ass off to make ends meet if you want to see success in this.
  • Some of the products don’t justify their prices. Just because it’s from Wakaya and organic, doesn’t mean it is worth the price and will sell well too.


My Final Thoughts

So is Wakaya Perfection a scam?

Definitely not… It obviously has some good products and decent compensation plan that anyone can work with. But whether or not you will succeed in it is a totally different story. Just because you didn’t make money with them doesn’t mean it is a scam. That is a harsh way some people phrase it.

Now that I have given you insights to the opportunity, you know exactly what you are getting your foot into if you actually decided to give this a GO. I’m not saying that you are going to fail in this. I’m just trying to warn you about what is the norm for most people when they get involved in such MLM type opportunities.

I do not need to look any further because I was also a failure in MLM, a company called Herbalife. I was blinded by the potential amount of money one can make which was probably why I set foot into Herbalife without even thinking twice. I regret making that stupid decision now because I lost a couple thousands of dollars because of my actions. But nevertheless, I take this as a learning point and make sure I never make similar mistakes again.

Anyway, if you are still keeping your options wide open for an opportunity to make money from home, I’ve got one for you. It’s called Affiliate Marketing. Basically, all you will be doing is promoting someone else’s products/services and you earn commissions for them. The best part is you can do this from the comforts of your own home. You don’t even need to leave the house to talk to anybody.

All you need is a computer, internet connection and most importantly passion. Another good thing about Affiliate Marketing is you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money upfront to get the products and also worry about inventory storage, customer support and etc.

If you interested in what you have heard so far about Affiliate Marketing but still no quite confident that you can pull it through on your own. Don’t worry, I have got you covered. There is a program called Wealth Affiliate, which will teach you from scratch how to build an online business mainly through Affiliate Marketing.

To find out more, you can check more about it below:



Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Wakaya Perfection. I hope by now you have a better understanding of what this is all about and whether it’s for you or not. Those of have personally tried Wakaya Perfection are welcomed to share with us your thoughts below in the comment section. Questions are welcomed too.


Thanks for reading…

And I wish you success 🙂



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