Warning Signs of Making Money Online Scams

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. Today, I am going to share with you are very important chunks of information that will be good for all of you to know.

Yes, I am going to highlight the various warning signs of making money online scams.

Tell me, who likes to get scammed?

Everyone doesn’t! I always get frustrated when hearing someone else sharing their sad stories of they just gotten scammed. The thing of these scams are they all have very common patterns among all of them. In other words, by just looking at their sales page you should be able to tell whether this product or program is a scam.

I bet all of you are eager to learn how to spot this scams yourself. This is a “skill” that will be very handy for a very long time because they number of scam products are going to continue rising and rising.

These scammers think they are very smart, but their sales page gives away their credibility of their program/product.

How I know?

Not only me, but anyone with experience in online marketing will be able to distinguish between a legit and scam product/program easily.

And without further ado, I will move on to the jizz of the topic…

#1: Big Money claims

The viral review bot

One of the most straight forward tell-tale sign is the product/program claiming that you can make big money over night. For e.g. $100 a day… anything above a three digit income within your first month of using is unlikely true.

The chances of anyone making any money within the first month is very slim, it takes time and effort. Some things that seems too good to be true, is probably not.

#2: No means of contact

Most of these scams sites will hesitate to put any form of contacts or details about themselves, they try to be as discrete as possible. If you come across such site that has no way you can contact them, it is better you avoid it.

Some websites are actually quite bold, they will list some contact details for you get through them. It is not necessary that you should entirely trust them when you see contact details. Obviously, it is very easy to fork out some fake contact details.

You should actually try sending them some questions, like you are interested in their product. See whether you get any response from them, give maximum 2 days… anything above that I think you better avoid and just move on.

#3: Special Discount “pop up” when cancelling sales pageDown sell


This is a very dirty marketing strategy to lure their buyers to make a purchase. Basically, right before you leave their sales page, a “pop up” will come out claiming to give you discounts for weird reasons.

If you decided to cancel again they will lower their price again until it is reasonably very low. Basically, they are trying to send you a message,” it’s a very cheap offer, better buy now before it’s too late”.

At this stage there are many people who are actually willing to buy.

The sole reason for the offer is not because they care for you, these scammers are trying to make full use of all the people that come into their sales page. Of course it’s better to get something than nothing, so they can afford to lower the price.

#4: Claiming Turn-key or automated systems

Something that claims that it is a turn-key or automated system are 99.99% scams. There is no such thing as a “everything is done for you”, all you have to do is collect cheques. I have seen websites saying these over and over again. “Just use our automated system and it will pour cash into your pocket daily”…

Let me tell you straight, if you are looking to create an income online then you need to put in lots of effort and dedication into it. Don’t try to use a “short cut” especially in making money online, because instead you will lose money.

#5: Screen shots of Bank Accounts

Most websites like to show a few screenshots of their bank account, claiming that they made money using that program. You should never judge the screenshots to confirm that you are going to make money with them. There are two reasons:

(1) You don’t exactly know the entire story behind these screenshots. How do you even know if the money shown in the screenshots belong to their particular product/program.

(2) I’ve notice a common trend among all the scammers, they always tend to show screenshots of outdated bank accounts.

my income at home system money

For e.g. take a look at the above image. You can see this is a screen shot from 5 years ago, back in year 2010. Ask yourself this… if the product is currently working why wouldn’t they show more recent bank accounts. Obviously this is a scam product.

So next time keep a look out for the dates of the screenshots, they are quite small and very easy to neglect..

#6: A sales page with only a video

There are lots of sites that just display a lengthy and boring video as their sales page. Basically, they will be talking full of craps…fake testimonials and all sort and below their video they will have a “buy now” or “sign up”.

When you come across those, I recommend you not even to waste your precious time watching those sketchy videos.

These pages with only video is a good sign that they are a scam so avoid them at all cost.

#7: Money Back Guarantee

If we are talking about a product you buy physically, the chances of you getting back a refund is much higher than online. Don’t exactly trust their words when they say 30 or 60 days money back guarantee because many times it doesn’t happen.

I’ve heard people telling, they have contacted the owner and he has agreed to give a full refund.. but even after few years the refund never came. These are very common among the online products, especially this 60 days money back guarantee.

Chances are a product claiming 60 days money back guarantee is a ClickBank product, don’t belief me next time take a look closely. Typically most ClickBank products are of low quality and they use money back guarantee to attract buyers.

#8: Upsells

Another common technique that is adopted is upsells. Basically, they will try to give you a “cheap” product. Once you purchase their product, they will tell you to buy this or buy that to make more money or has more features. All these upsells can easily got up to few thousands if you are not carefully.


If you are really looking to make money online, you should find legit products/programs and not find a short cut. I will recommend you to check Wealthy Affiliate, it has the “try before you buy” policy… in other words you can try it for FREE to see how the program works. You have no obligations, you can remain as a free member for as long as you like or you can choose to upgrade.

If you have any questions regarding anything, just drop me a comment in the box below. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Yours Truly,

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