What is Digital Founders Academy – Review On Alex Shelton & MOBE

This review is going to be about a website called Digital Founders Academy. What is Digital Founders Academy? Is it a scam? Or a legitimate opportunity for you to learn and earn money online? What is MOBE? And what does it got to do with DFA? I will be focusing on these and much more in my review below.

I highly encourage you to spend a couple of minutes to read this review thoroughly because it might actually save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars

Alright without further ado, let’s get things rolling…


Name: Digital Founders AcademyWhat-Is-Digital-Founders-Academy

Owner: Alex Shelton

Price: “Free Trial”, $47 or $97 per month? + Many more Upsells.

Rating: 2/5


Digital Founders Academy Overview

A couple of days ago, I received a question from one of my readers. He wanted to know more about this program called Digital Founders Academy and whether or not he should give it a try. Basically, he asked me for advice. I told him that I can’t immediately glance through a website and tell him whether or not it’s legit but I will do a detailed review on it and share it with him later on in the week.

I believe there will be many people out there looking for a review on this program also. So,instead of privately sending him this review, I decided to make it public so that everyone else can benefit from it too.

Honestly, I was frustrated and irritated while doing research on this program. Almost none of the reviews, whether it is a website or YouTube video review was honest about the Digital Founders Academy at all. All they did was promote, promote and promote the program! And make claims of earning big bucks within days.

They make earning money online look very easy. But let me tell you from personal experience, it’s not. If you join DFA with the expectation of making money within days, all I can tell you is you will be disappointed about the outcome sooner rather than later.

Anyway, enough of my small rant. Let’s get back to business, shall we?


What is Digital Founders Academy all about?

Digital Founders Academy is for people who want to start a web based business, in other words, an online business. Basically, it’s a step-by-step training program to help one get started with starting a business in the online space. According to their website, whether you are a veteran or even a complete newbie, their program will be suitable for you.

These are some of the training covered within the members area.

  • How to increase average customer value
  • How to develop an effective lead magnet
  • How to launch your first Facebook campaign
  • How to create shareworthy content
  • How to systemize and automate your entire business
  • And much more…

At first, I thought that this program looks good until I dig deeper and found out that the founder of DFA,  Alex Shelton is a member of MOBE.Alex-Shleton-MOBE

MOBE stands for My Online Business Education. To me, it is a program I will NEVER recommend to anyone simply because if you are not careful, you can end up spending over $50,000 or more. I will go into further details about MOBE slightly later on. For now, I will just go with the flow.


Initially, I thought the Digital Founders Academy was a standalone company. But after doing more research on DFA and Alex Shelton it makes me think otherwise. As you can see from his Facebook page(above image), almost every single post of his includes something about MOBE and asking people to join MOBE.

This clearly tells me that the sole purpose of this program Digital Founders Academy isn’t to really help people to start their own online business and earn money. The main idea is to bring in people to eventually sign up for MOBE.

All I can see from this is, the only person really benefiting from this entire set up is Alex Shelton. Why? Because he makes money from the DFA’s membership and also commissions for referring you to MOBE.

I’m not going to lie, but there are people making good money through MOBE. But the percentage is really small for anyone’s liking. I will share with you that in a bit.


How Much Does Digital Founders Academy Cost?

You can get started with DFA for free. Meaning, you will be entitled to a 7-day free trial where you will have a glimpse of what this program is all about. What was disappointing here is that their free trial doesn’t seem to be free. You will still need to key in your credit card details, billing address and etc.

I’m not too sure why would you need to provide these information just for a trial. Frankly speaking, I wanted to sign up for the free trial and see for myself what it has to offer. But since they asked for my credit card details, I am a bit skeptical… so I not going to do that.

So now.. how much does the DFA exactly cost? Actually, I am kinda confused. If you watch the 2-min video where Alex Shelton gave an introduction. He said that after the free trial, it’s going to cost you $97 per month. But when I scroll all the way to the bottom, it shows $47 per month.

$97/month for a program like this seems pricey. $47/ month seems more reasonable, but I will never rule of that latter because anything is possible especially with MOBE as a counterpart.

Anyway, I don’t think the monthly fee for DFA is all you are going to pay once you sign up with them. Eventually, they will blast you with a ton of upsells in relation with MOBE which can raise your monthly expenditure quickly.


A Bite Size Summary of MOBE

My Online Business Education is owned by Matt Lloyd. MOBE is a marketing and business company for small owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow their business to another level.Who-Is-Matt-Lloyd

Unfortunately, one’s vision upon joining MOBE will be totally different then what they initially joined with. The focus on MOBE isn’t to teach you how to start your own online business. – Something that you are passionate about

Instead, they want you to promote all the products/programs/services found within MOBE so that you can make some commissions and also the owner himself. In order to start promoting everything, you will have to first purchase the MOBE licensing rights. This license will cost you a one-time fee of $1,997.

It doesn’t end there. Every individual product you want to promote, you have to qualify by purchasing that product for yourself. Isn’t it strange? Why must you purchase the products just to promote even though you know it’s not useful to you? Yea, that’s MOBE for you.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the product prices in MOBE:

I will begin with some of the 90% commission products:

  • Affiliate Bonus Domination – $291
  • Inner circle membership – $97/month
  • MOBE Elite Earners – $97/month
  • Done for you Emails – $97/month
  • Funded Proposal – $194
  • OPT formula – $194
  • My Email Marketing Empire – $194
  • IM Revolution Handbook – $9.95

Ok now for the 50% commission products:

  • Diamond Mastermind – $30,000
  • Platinum Mastermind – $16,667
  • Titanium Mastermind – $9,997
  • Diamond Coaching Program -$4,997
  • 10,000 leads in 100 days – $1,997
  • The 90 days challenge – $997
  • Six Figure Coaching Secrets – $997
  • Add the Nitrous -$997

Remember, I have only listed a handful of their entire list. Just look at some of these. It can easily add up to over $60,000 not inclusive of your MOBE licensing rights and other monthly fees. Think about it. Are you willing to spend such a huge amount of money upfront before you even start promoting the products?

Let alone the above. Purchasing the products doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to promote and make sales too. Not many people are willing to spend that amount of money so you are going to have a hard to finding such buyers.

Success Rate with MOBE


Have a look at this graph. And oh… I didn’t make up this numbers myself. It was found on MOBE official website itself. As you can see, 95% of the people who join MOBE are making less than $100 per month. From $1,000 all the way till $25,000+ you can see that numbers are averaged at 1% which is fairly low if you ask me.

If you are willing to take the gamble, thinking that you could be that top 1% guys, then by all means. Good luck to you 🙂

Or if you are like me and the majority, once you see these shocking statistics, is best to avoid at all cost. Numbers don’t lie. You are seeing what is happening in reality. Everyone has dreams of making it big one day, but not everyone can. You have to understand this fact.

I hope I have summarized in this short section what is MOBE all about. Of course, I would like to go into more details about this. But I don’t think it is necessary besides our review today isn’t about MOBE. It’s about Digital Founders Academy. I only wanted to show you what’s likely going to happen if you decided to join DFA and enter the path of MOBE.


My Final Thoughts.

It’s obvious to say that Digital Founders Academy has something to do with MOBE. The fact that it has something to do already indicates to me that this isn’t a good program to join.


Our Dear friend Alex Shelton is too engrossed in finding people to join DFA so that he can push them to MOBE. At the end of the day, he is promoting MOBE. This website that he created is part of his sales funnel. I don’t really think his program will be of any benefit to anyone who wants to make money online.

Of course, you can head in the direction of promoting MOBE. But as I said earlier, the numbers don’t lie. The success rate of you making thousands of dollar per month after spending thousands of dollars is less than 5%. If you are willing to take that gamble, then that’s totally fine if it’s not… then it is best to avoid both DFA and MOBE.

Final Verdict: Legit, But Not Recommended


My Top Recommendation?

If you are really looking to get started with online business and make money online, you should look at Wealthy Affiliate instead of any other program online. Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that teaches you from scratch to build an online business. The training, features, support you find at WA is second to none.

Whether it is starting a Facebook campaign or writing shareworthy content, everything can be found in WA. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or Digital Founders Academy deliberately copied Wealthy Affiliate’s idea of trying to help people make money online. By what it looks, it seems that case.

The reason why I say this is because WA offers a free membership too and also a premium membership($47/month). However, there is a slight difference. Unlike DFA, WA doesn’t ask for your credit card details at all to create your starter account. You only need a name, password and your email address and you can immediately get connected with WA platform.

I highly encourage that you take this opportunity to find out whether starting an online business is right for you or not. Some people have the intention to start an online business so that they can make more money or simply stay at home and spend more time doing things they love. But until you try it for yourself, you will never know whether you would want to continue doing this.

I have been with WA for just over a year and within this period, I have set up a couple of niche websites. These sites are pulling me over 90% of my entire monthly income. 10% of my earning come from this website called Everyonecanmakemoneyonline.com. All these wouldn’t have happened if it isn’t for WA. So I am a living example that the training WORKS and one could make a living online.

If you want to know what WA is all about. You can read my review on it by clicking the link below.

>> Click Here To Read My Wealthy Affiliate Review<<

Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Digital Founders Academy. I hope by now you have a better understanding of what this program is actually all about and thus able to make a better decision going forward. Those who have been personally involved with DFA or MOBE are welcomed to share with us your thoughts in the discussion section below. Personal opinions and questions are always welcomed too.

Thanks for reading.

And I wish you success 🙂



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  1. After the fact of MOBE he continued with a product that was specifically for MOBE & tried to reinvent it. It was good for MOBE business owners but his reinvention was a crap fight. He promised people he would make them money if they bought leads through his lead supplier. I got caught badly, spent thousands on leads that were never supplied. He kept making promises but always had a “not long now” statement until it was too late. Then he pissed off.

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