What is the Importance of Keyword Research?

If you are just stepping into the world of online business or marketing, it is necessary that you first know the importance of keyword research. This can actually be the difference between you having success or failure online.

You can ask some of them who have been in this trade for a while, their response will all be almost the same – Most of their contents are built around  particular keywords.

Whether you looking for “free traffic” through SEO(Search Engine Optimization) or paying for traffic through advertising, everything needs to be done with selected keyword. To identify these keywords, you are required to do keyword research.

Boost your page rankings in Search Engines

So how do you think search engines work? Basically you type in keyword in the search box which can either be a word or phrase and the results will appear on the SERP(Search engine results page).

Search engines are there to provide their users with the best answers, so only the most related keywords with(quality content) will get ranked in the first few pages. In other words, keywords is one of the important aspects to get better rankings.

Let me ask you, How many pages do you actually go about checking for your answers?

Majority of them will only check through the first few pages(about 1~5 at most), by then you would have gotten the answers that you’ve been looking for.

Hence, there is no purpose for you to continuously look through at other pages for answers. Honestly, even for myself I will search through only the first few pages of Google.. So what happens is, those pages with lower ranking will have little or no people clicking through the website – Results in you not getting traffic.

More than 90% of the marketers online are facing the same problem, not getting enough traffic. The basis of having a successful business is to have traffic, without traffic you have 0% chances of making a sale and earning revenue.


To succeed Online = You NEED Conversions

What do I mean by conversions?

Conversions basically means, that your product or service is actually purchased by someone which will result in you earning revenue from the particular product/service.

Let me give you a scenario,


You have a website made everything about dogs, the products that you are trying to promote may be dogs training guides, leashes, food or anything other things related to dog. But since you didn’t do any keyword research, you tend to be more general with by using the phrase pets more often.

So you are getting about 1000 visitors a month but non of them actually purchased your product which means you didn’t make any sale(only clicks to your site but no conversions).

There can be many reasons why nobody bought any products but the main possibility is that you are getting the wrong type of traffic to your website. Maybe most of them that came through your websites are cat or bird lovers, than obviously they have no reason to purchase your dog products.

So… This is where keyword research comes in..

When you target a specific keyword, you are more likely going to get visitors from that specific keywords.


Now, you chose to do keyword research and target only specific traffic. So instead of using general phrases such as pets you used dogs or puppies. So.. if somebody goes to Google and search “puppy training”, then they came across your website.

This is what we called specifically targeted visitors which will more likely lead to conversions because you are targeting the right group of people, trying to solve their problem.

I hope from the above scenario you understand where am I coming about and the importance of keyword research.

How to go about doing keyword research

So now you know how important it is to have targeted keywords in your page/post. Now the big question that will be running through everyone’s minds is how do I get ranked of page 1 of Google, Yahoo or Bing.

In the past, many of them have done it manually to calculate whether they can rank for a certain keyword which is actually very time consuming and boring.

But now, they are many tools that calculates for you everything as easy as just simply entering the keyword phrase and clicking on the button.

They are many important data you can get from using keyword research tool. For e.g. how many monthly searches are being made for that particular keyword. There is no point using a keyword that nobody searches because it will never get you traffic.

Also competition, how many competing pages are there in the search engine for the particular keyword phrase. The more competing pages the harder it is to get ranked in the first few pages.

So a rule of thumb, always choose keyword phrases that has low competition with a decent amount of monthly searches.

The keyword tool that I have been using to get all my necessary metrics and calculations are done through Jaaxy.

I’m quite lucky to have come across Jaaxy, because there are many tools out there don’t deliver what it actually claims to.

Once you have your keyword research tool, you can save up lots of time spending on researching your keywords and focus on getting the content on your website.

This how to process goes, use keyword research tool to generate keywords(take less than 5minutes to find a good keyword), write content, publish page/post and lastly repeat.

Go on, Try typing a keyword & see the results on Jaaxy

Just type any keywords that comes to your mind on jaaxy, you would be surprised how much this keyword research tool can actually do.  Make sure to give it a try, Don’t worry it’s Free!

Lastly if you have any questions regarding keyword research or Jaaxy, please leave a comment below and I’ll be glad to help you out. Those of you who have tried Jaaxy can also share with us your personal experience and what do you think about it.

Yours Truly,

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  1. Hi Kumar,

    Thanks for this well informed article. Most people underestimate the importance of good keywords. Keep it up!

    All the best,

    • Absolutely right Jurgen. When they finally start to notice why my pages aren’t ranking well its already too late. All your initial efforts are gone to waste. It is necessary to do keyword research before creating the content.

  2. Hi Kumar great post! What you said about keywords is so true without that, you would not get #1 rankings in Google etc. Jaaxy is a great keyword search tool I have used it but once you used up your free quota, you would have to pay for it. Unfortunately, I might not able to afford it at this time, so would just use WA’s keyword search tool. Anyways this is important information for us newbies starting out in this business. Keep it up!

    • Hello Serena, thank for dropping by.
      Keywords are the backbone to a successful post or page. I understand that the free membership only have 30 searches and yes using the WA keyword tool is also very good!

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