Zero Cost Income Formula Review – Is it Worth it?

This review is going to be about a product called Zero Cost Income Formula. What is Zero Cost Income Formula? Is it a scam? Or a legit product that will teach you how to start generating income online? Who is it really for? Is it worth buying this product? Or are there any better alternatives?

These are some of the questions that we will be focusing on in this short review.

Alright without further ado, let’s get things rolling…Zero-Cost-Income-Formula-Review


Name: Zero Cost Income Formula or ZCIF


Owner(s): Dr. Amit Pareek & Ashu Kumar

Price: $17, $47.10, $49.95 + many upsells

Rating: 3/5


What is Zero Cost Income Formula all about?

Zero Cost Income Formula is a video based course that will teach you how to make money online from two different avenues.

#1: Amazon Associates Simplified

The first course is called Amazon Associated Simplified. Basically, this course will walk you through step-by-step to help you set up your own Amazon Associates website. For those of you who are quite unsure about what this is actually about, allow me to explain.

This is more of a business opportunity rather than anything else. This is not a traditional job where you get paid a certain amount of money at the end of the week or month. There is a term for this… it’s called Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing simply means promoting someone else’s products/services and earning one-time or re-occurring commissions(depending on the Affiliate program). You can build a business promoting any Affiliate programs(there are millions out there) but this course, specifically, will be teaching you how to build a business promoting Amazon products.

#2: Freelancing Simplified

As the name suggest, this course will be teaching you how to earn money online through freelancing. You will be learning everything about freelancing from setting up you freelancing profile to picking the most lucrative skills.

From my personal point of view, freelancing isn’t for everyone… only those who have a certain skill would be able to do well and succeed in it.

Freelance jobs have become more competitive over the years because more and more people are getting involved in this. It is a good opportunity but provided you are a master in that skill. If you can nail it, you can make a good amount of money by quoting higher than usual price. Buyers are looking for experienced people who can do the job well.

If you are a newbie or have zero experience, it’s going to be difficult climbing up the ladder because you have already competition in every level, people who have started earlier than you. Personally, I have tried freelancing and it’s very frustrating. I have never really succeeded in this. The most I made a month was about $150.


Who is This For?

This product is basically for anyone who wants to make money online. Whether you are a stay home mom/dad or simply want to work from home, this opportunity is for you. Having said that, you should understand that the results are not instantaneous.

If you are expecting to make quick bucks overnight, sorry, this is definitely not for you. Whether it’s Affiliate Marketing or Freelancing, both are going to take you quite a bit of time before you make some money.

The foundation phase also known as the learning phase is going to be fairly long. You have to be really patient if you want to be successful in this. I have done both Freelancing and Affiliate Marketing. The one that I preferred the most and am still doing till today is Affiliate Marketing.

The reason why I chose Affiliate Marketing over Freelancing is because as an Affiliate Marketer, you have more control over yourself, meaning you can work on your business whenever you want and how long you want and the potential to make more money is much higher compared to Freelancing.

In my opinion, freelancing isn’t too far off your traditional job. You still will be working for someone and must be able to complete the task within a specific period of time. I didn’t really like that. Working from home can be distracting at times because there is nobody to oversee you so it’s easy to slack and might affect you from completing the task within that time.


How Much Does it Cost?

Frankly speaking, after looking at their name(Zero Cost Income Formula), I thought that they are actually giving out this program for Free.

But obviously… it’s not free.

Currently, they have 3 different packages.

  1. Personal Rights
  2. Resale Rights
  3. Private Label Rights



The ZCIF is definitely unique than most of the products I have come across. They have added the option of you purchasing their reselling rights/PLR and able to sell it or rebrand it and sell it as your own product.

This provides you with an additional income opportunity. Meaning, apart from Affiliate Marketing and Freelancing, you now can take this product and sell it. Now, if you are able to market this well, you definitely would be able to make some good income.

Personally, if you ask me what I would choose between the Resale rights and Private label rights, I think it’s best to go for the PLR option. The first reason is because there isn’t much difference in price between both and secondly, PLR allows you to rebrand the product to make it look unique which will definitely bring in more sales if you decided to sell it.

There are many Affiliate Networks out there. What you could do is get the PLR, do a bit changes and join some Affiliate Networks and sell the product. This is definitely a good opportunity and like what the narrator said in the video, you don’t have to spend many man hours creating your own product. You can simply take this and sell it as you own.

However, you should understand that it is going to take quite some time to get everything in order especially if you have zero experience selling products on Affiliate Networks.



One thing that I never liked is the upsells. In the front end, nothing of these was mentioned but once you purchased the product, out of nowhere they just pop up.

It seems there are a couple of upsells in Zero Cost Income Formula too.

Although the upsells are optional, they can be quite frustrating at times to look at. I will list what are the upsells you can expect later on if you decided to purchase the ZCIF.

Upsell #1: More Simplified Courses

  1. The Fiverr Simplified Course – A video course that will explain how to make money online using Fiverr
  2. The Google AdSense Simplified Course – A course that will teach you how to start making money through Google AdSense
  3. Affiliate Marketing Simplified Course – This course is more generic and caters to any Affiliate programs. Varies slightly with their main course Amazon Associates course.

All these 3 courses will cost you another $37… Note: $37 is for the personal rights. If you are looking at the resale rights and PLR rights, it will cost you $95 and $97 respectively

If you decided to reject them, you will immediately be given a $10 discount for the upsells

Upsell #2: Mega Business In a Box Product

The 2nd upsell will enable you to have access to a list of 4 markets that you can make money from. It comes complete with all the tools you need to become successful. You will also get the ready made “sales funnels” for them to help you earn money faster.

Again, these are optional.

Upsell #3: Zero Cost Income Formula Membership Site

The last upsell is an invitation for you to  join their membership site that helps you get started making money selling eBooks and different courses with full rights and thus; you get to keep full commissions. They provide a $1 trial for a month and if you decided to continue, subsequent months will be $27.


Any Support Offered?

This is something I tend to look at often before I buy a product. How good is the support?

From the looks of things, there isn’t much support offered at all. Or should I say, no support at all…

This is definitely disappointing because support can help make or break a person’s success. You might have all the training in the world, but if you have no one to go to and ask questions, you are eventually going to be left frustrated.

For the money you pay, especially the resale rights and PLR rights, the owners should at least provide a medium of support to help people get started and steer them into the right path when the feel stuck. Maybe something as simple as a private Facebook Group could have done the trick.

Too bad… they didn’t even do that!


Summary Of Pros Vs Cons


  • Decent training to help you get started with Freelancing & Amazon Associates(Affiliate Marketing)
  • The price is quite reasonable compared to many other programs out there
  • Offers 30-day money back guarantee
  • Provides you with an additional income opportunity to purchasing the resale or PLR rights


  • Too many upsell
  • Some of this information can be found for free online.
  • The support is way below par.


My Final Thoughts

This product is definitely not a scam. It’s legit!

If you are looking for a new opportunity to make money online, Zero Cost Income Formula can definitely help you get started with one. What you need to understand is, any of the opportunities taught here doesn’t provide you with automatic income. You will have to go through the lessons and most importantly take actions if you want to succeed in this.

If you think you are not ready to commit yourself long-term, I wouldn’t recommend you to purchase this product.

Final Verdict: Legit, and Recommended


Are There Better Alternatives??

One of my biggest concern with ZCIF is the lack of in-depth training and support. Although their training is enough to give you a rough idea and help you get started, from my experience as an Affiliate Marketer I can tell you that they are far from enough.

You are bound to have questions and get lost along the way…

If you are really interested in starting an online business particularly towards Affiliate Marketing, one program I will highly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. WA is a community-based training platform that will teach you how to build an online business from scratch.

I have been a member of WA for over a year and I have still not looked back once.

The support provided is second to none. They have a live chat feature where you can ask your questions and get answers for it within seconds. You can enter the classrooms and learn from what other members have asked previously or best, you can private message the owners for personal support.

If you want to find out more about WA, you can check out my review on it below:

Alright, I have come to the end of my review on Zero Cost Income Formula. I hope by now you have a better understanding of what the program has to offer. Please feel free to use the comment section to ask questions if any or share your personal thoughts.

Thanks for reading…

And I wish you success 🙂



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